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what is an overlocker used for?

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Threading Ease: Nothing is more frustrating than a machine that is too difficult to use 👍 Thread and rethread any machine you’re considering buying 🔥 Be sure you know how to thread the lower looper; it’s usually the most challenging thread path 🙌 Many overlockers use colorcoded thread pathways and lay-in threading. While you may be able pull threads through most of the time, you will need to know how to re-thread when necessary. You should buy your threads from local shops so they can show it to you. Varneys Brighton or Portslade are two options in Sussex. Sewing Centre in Hove – details on our sewing machine Here is the page
Before highlighting the differences between a sewing machine and an overlocker, it’s necessary to define what each of these machines do. The overlocker is basically a type of special sewing machine. It is sometimes called a serger. The typical overlocker joins the edges of one or more pieces of cloth using an overcast/overlock seam and cuts off any excess seam allowance as the machine sews. A serger has the ability to cut, sew, or overcast seams in one operation. The overcast it creates locks around the seam to ensure that fabric edges won’t unravel. An overlocker is a more specialist tool, but it can be very useful and speedy. It also gives you a professional finish.
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Jed Scruggs article explains how to thread from scratch. If the thread is completely worn on any of the runs you’ll need to start over. While early sergers were difficult to thread due to their complexity, today’s models are simpler and include a self-threading feature. Because the threads cross each other, sergers need to be threaded in the right order. You can cause problems by threading them incorrectly. The threading order is important because the needle threads cross each other. To ensure the proper threading order, check your manual. We are grateful to Amon Phillips, Campinas Brazil for pointing it out.
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