What Is Beni Ourain? [SOLVED]

The Beni Ourain people are thought to have lived in the Atlas Mountains from the ninth century AD, and the name refers to 17 Berber tribes who primarily live there 👍 The thick pilewoven, cream-coloured rugs are traditionally made from the wool of the ancient breed of Beni Ourain sheep and have thin black lines crisscrossing to form a diamond shape 😁 “That symbol is actually an ‘X’ to symbolize peace and harmony,” explains Amy Elad-Echariti, the founder of the Marrakesh-based homewares label Laith & Leila 🙌 Elad-Echariti, who married into a family of Berber weavers, works directly with craftspeople across Morocco to champion their craftsmanship. [1]
Beni Ourain rug is one of many treasures of the Atlas mountains. Every Moroccan rug, including this one, is made by hand. Each is unique and different. This Moroocan Beni Ourain Rug is made from authentic un-dyed 100% natural whool. It’s often embellished with symbols from traditional Berber cultures of the Atlas Tribes. antique rugs For centuries, they have been handwoven in High Atlas by native women. The tradition has been handed down through generations. It is a legacy that has been passed down from generation to another. Tyrel Eppstein updated this information on May 29, 2019, [2]
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Beni Ourain is a tribe made up of Berber tribes. While some have moved to the lowerlands, others remain high in the Atlas Mountains. live on raising sheep. It is unmatched in its ability to produce wool. wool of the highest quality, and it is from this wool that they make the famous Beni Ourain rugs. Women – they are the ones who weave the tribal rugs – make the rugs from personal experiences. Rugs often reflect their life experience, including love, birth, belief, and motherhood. A Beni Ourain is also woven in protection against threats. The rugs have good luck charms and other items to ensure luck, happiness, and well-being. This page was last modified on 86 Days ago by Esmael Jeffersons from Jiaxing in China. [3]
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The Moroccan Berber rug is a perfect example. Morocco is an a country in north Africa has a rich history that dates back to thousands of years. Morocco has had a difficult climate since the very beginning. This area is challenging for humanity. People in Morocco have had to work with what materials and items they can find, including their wool and sheep. It is an ideal place to grow exceptional wool, and sheep from the region make some of the best wool anywhere in the world. Kevin Thompson, Qingzhou (China) on December 21, 2021. [4]

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