What Is Bobbin Thread? [SOLVED!]

When sewing with a machine, the thread wound around the bobbin links with the upper needle thread to form the bottom part of a stitch πŸ™ˆ Typically used in machine embroidery, quilting, and sewing fine fabrics, bobbin thread is lightweight and strong, adding little bulk while still securing stitches πŸ™ˆ Since bobbin thread is only visible from the backside of projects, it is not critical to colourr match with the top stitch, and most prefer to utilize either black or white bobbin thread, depending on a darker or lighter fabric choice 😁 Below are our top picks to help you choose the best bobbin thread for your particular project. [1]
It can be overwhelming to see the array of threads in a fabric store. You will find a wide variety of threads, and many colours. Polyester fabric does not necessarily mean that you should have a shiny, pretty one. Polyester thread. Shiny polyester thread can be used for machine embroidery but is less strong than an all-purpose thread or wrap thread. It is not recommended to use carpet or button thread as a construction thread. The thread is very strong but not intended for construction. Bobbin thread can’t be used as a construction thread, unless you have the appropriate skills. Working on very fine fabric. A sample of your fabric is a must to ensure that the match between them and yours is as accurate as possible. Renelle Guillory, Douala Cameroon (last modification 17 days ago) [2]
Image #2 goes on to explain how when I first started doing machine embroidery – I was never sure of what type of bobbin thread to use. Although it seemed tedious to constantly change the bobbin thread so that the thread matches the top embroidery thread, this seemed the right thing. But, boy – was I wrong. I discovered that there is a bobbin thread specifically for machine embroidery. It was still a question I had had about its necessity. After doing a little research and a lot of embroidery and appliquΓ© – I’m had having found the answers to my questions. We will be discussing what machine embroidery bobbin is and how to use it with an embroidery machine in this blog post. [3]
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The top and bottom threads can be thought of as a tug-of-war. If you have identical threads and are sewn on the same fabric layer, each side will yield equal strength. The result should be perfectly straight stitches, with the top thread not showing and the bobbin thread covering. The reality is that the two teams will rarely be equal in real life. The strength of one team may be greater, bigger, or quicker than that of the other. We often use decorative threads for the top. For the bottom and top threads, we often use different fibres. Sometimes, we add stabilizers or batting. Some times, we may use a cotton or polyester bobbin string. These factors all make it important to adjust tension for every project. To equalize the tug-of-war battle, we can adjust the tension on top. [4]
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