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The first thing I would have to say is that they’re not all mysteries 😁 Some of the stories in this book are just short stories that fall mainly in the genre of being creepy 🙌 That Poe was obsessed with the idea and supposed beauty of death is a popularly accepted thought. This book adds to this thought. Many stories in this book deal with death and the process of dying, as well as the afterlife, and even the possibility of rebirth. Because characters die in all books, why is it so significant? The outlook is what makes it so. Poe views the act of dying in an unimaginable way. Poe does not simply talk about the death or dying of someone, but he describes the emotions and manner in which he feels. The feelings of grief and sadness are not only felt by those who witness the death. He talks in a strange way about his feelings for the dying person.
Poe’s three stories created an amateur detective and his friend the narrator, the locked room mystery, the gifted but eccentric amateur sleuth, who outwits the police force. Haycraft refers to this as the “catalogue” of minutia. Interviews with witnesses are the first fiction case in which an animal is accused of committing murder. The concept of “ratiocination”, later called “observation & deduction” by Sherlock Holmes.The detective will provide the explanation and solution. Poe’s stories also featured surveillance, cryptographic ciphers and the most unlikely person theme. In one story, Poe is the murderer.These and many other elements have been used in crime stories all over the world. Last modified by Damaris Francio from Baghdad (Iraq) 44 days ago
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After Poe insulted English in print and wrote of the “resemblance between the whole visage of Mr. English and that of the best-looking but most unprincipled of Mr. Barnum’s baboons,” English ridiculed Poe in the novel The Doom of the Drinker as well as in the pages of multiple magazines even after Poe successfully sued one of those journals for libel. The had two come to blows in 1846 when, according to Poe, he “wearied and degraded …in bestowing upon Mr. E. ‘fisticuffing’…and of being dragged from his prostrate and rascally carcass by Professor Thomas Wyatt, who, perhaps with good reason, had his fears for the vagabond’s life…” In his alternate version of the same episode, English boasted he “dealt some smart raps on the face” that left him bloody. No matter who won the fight, Poe won the war because “The Cask of Amontillado” has become a classic American short story while English’s The Doom of the Drinker and 1844 are all but forgotten.
Young Poe was taken to Richmond, Virginia by John Allan, a tobacco merchant, and his wife. He gave him the official name Edgar Allen Poe. He had fought bitterly with Allan and was forced to drop out of college for lack of funds, allegedly owing to his foster father’s refusal to cover Poe’s gambling debts. Poe was discharged from the army and went to West Point where he sabotage his second chance at college. He then moved north to Baltimore which at that time was a Third-Rate city full of graverobbers, squalor, and would be the best. inspiration for the man who would eventually become The inventor of American horror and macabre.
Although it was pouring down in Baltimore on October 3rd 1849, that didn’t stop Joseph W. Walker (a Baltimore Sun compositor) from making his way to Gunner’s Hall. It is a bustling public house. Gunner’s Hall was used as an open-air polling station for the 4th Ward elections. Walker found an unconscious man lying in the gutter, dressed in second-hand clothing and delirious, when he arrived at Gunner’s Hall. Walker noticed something unusual when he approached him: the man was Edgar Allan Poe. Walker was worried about Poe’s health and stopped to ask Poe if there were any Baltimore acquaintances who might be able help. Poe answered. Walker the name Joseph E. Snodgrass is a magazine editor who has some medical training. Walker wrote a request for assistance to Snodgrass immediately.
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