what is epay wood?

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Given that Ipe is so sought after, it comes as no surprise that it’s often illegally harvested 👍 However, the problem is particularly pervasive with Ipe due to its tendency to fetch high prices in the market 😁 To make matters worse, Brazilian loggers often work with corrupt officials to cut down more Ipe than is legal 🤓 This makes it difficult to ascertain the sustainability of new Ipe. Romulo Batista of Greenpeace Brazil emphasized this fact: “It is safe to say that it is almost impossible to guarantee if new timber from the Brazilian Amazon can be assumed to have originated from legal operations.” [1]
Ipe (spelled ipe and pronounced “ee-pay”), also called Brazilian walnut, is a beautiful exotic wood from South America. The wood structure of ipe is strong and resistant to weather and insects, as well as rot and abrasion. It can be up to five times more dense than most other woods, and almost twice its density. This wood is a medium to dark brown colour, similar in appearance to mahogany. lasts a long time But it has the elegance of an interior wood. Ipe lumber can become patinated if allowed to age. However, it is possible to bring the colour back to its original hue by applying a cleaner/brightener. Ipe wood lumber has become a very popular and inexpensive alternative to teak lumber. [2]
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The pros of advantagelumber.comIpe, which is pronounced “EE-pay” in Spanish, is the best quality wood decking material. From the Atlantic City Boardwalk, to Las Vegas’ Treasure Island Resort, to your own backyard, nothing keeps its integrity or lasts as long as Advantage Ipe Decking™. Ipe is an exotic hardwood which is naturally resistant against rot and decay. It is eight times stronger than California Redwood. And it is guaranteed for twenty years, without any preservatives. Ipe Decking are responsibly harvested from sustainable forests. This ensures that they will be a true renewable resource. Ipe is a great alternative to teak. It also comes at a fraction the price of traditional teak. Ipe decking is shipped directly to your house or worksite. [3]
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Both residential and commercial uses have been made of epay wood. You can use it to make decks and boat docks as well as boardwalks on beaches and pool decks in both above- and below-ground swimming pools. It is not required to have Ipe because it has natural resistance to insect and decay. seal the wood. Some prefer the original color of the wood. They will apply a UV protector to protect it and keep it from turning silver-gray. Ipe decking is a natural resource that can live for over 100 years. It does not require any sealing or preservatives. Ipe decking is not like composite because it biodegrades. Last edited by Ewa Hayne, Al Ain (United Arab Emirates), 75 days ago [4]
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