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What Is Home Detention In Indiana? (Solved)

Violating a home detention order is a Level 6 felony, as is the removal of a court-ordered electronic monitoring device 🙌 If you fail to keep your monitoring device charged and Community Corrections is unable to contact you—guess what? That counts as a violation 😁 Equipment issues are a significant hassle for many people serving a sentence on home detention, with some defendants going so far as to take their complaints of unfairness to the local news 😊 Even minor offenses can result in a charge for escape. This broadly includes any intentional or knowing violation of a home-detention order.
IC 35-32-2.5-2 “Home”, Sec. 2. The term “home”, as used in this chapter means (1) the living space of an offender’s temporary or permanent residence; (2) if it is a multifamily dwelling of offender, the area in which offender lives. This does not include the halls, common areas, or other unoccupied units in that multifamily dwelling. Health care Facility, hospice, group home and maternity home are all examples of a facility. As amended by P.L.98-1988. SEC.6. Amendments made by P.L.117-1990 SEC.5 and P.L.137 2001 SEC.1 respectively; P.L.105 2010 SEC.11. Julious Sousa was a great source of information.
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Based on a new article in.govEach state’s probation and community corrections agencies must name the user who will enter the data in the Home Detention Reporting app. Home detention reports are due every year between October 1 and September 30. Each agency’s designated staff has the right to access the INcite report every October 1 for any new year. Each report must be submitted using the Home Detention Reporting Application in INcite before October 31st of each year. (At specific intervals up to November 30, users will receive an email reminding them of the need for the annual reports). The notifications will stop once they been sent the report. Juanalberto darnell amended the September 22nd 2020 version.
A new article by Detention Program provides an alternative option to prison. The Home Detention Program helps offenders get out of jail, reconnect them with their family and make them more productive citizens. We can reduce the risks to society by using electronic technology. This allows individuals to continue their education, receive treatment, and participate in cognitive behavioral programs, while still at home. We will use Evidence Based Practices as a way to effectively manage, reinstate and maintain public safety our clients. Each qualifying felony offenders must have the Indiana Risk Assessment System(IRAS) completed. The case plan/court order is then created and participants are required to comply.
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