What Is Locust Wood Good For? (Solved)

Assuming you are clear to work with Black Locust, it’s important to consider the genetic stock you source trees from, especially if your goal is to grow straight poles or trees that can be milled for lumber. Locust is incredibly crooked in its “natural” form, and so seed selection, and sometimes pruning, is a critical factor for success. Ironically, the Hungarians identified the awesomeness of Black locust a long time ago (1700s), deciding to intentionally import seeds and engage in an intensive breeding program 😉 As a result, some of the best stock today comes from Eastern Europe, and nearly 20% of the forests in Hungary are comprised of Black Locust 😊 [1]
Jeff: Black-locust stickers are about the same size on twigs as those of blackberry bushes. Your tree has big Thorns are branched and mostly located on the lower limbs. However, some are found on the trunk. Honey locust beans are larger and sweeter. They can grow up to a foot in length. The beans of BL are about the same size as your fingers, but they’re only small and flat. It looks almost like a flower cluster, but it is more grape-like. These flowers are now in season in Arkansas. It is not something I like, but it might be something you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if the tree isn’t paid for, but a mill can still make it usable. K, good luck! We appreciate Cathlin From Zurich, Switzerland’s insights. [2]
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I love hickory for making firewood, and it’s abundant in this area. Missouri is home to a large number of oak and hickory trees. Hedge, also called Osage Orange and Hedge Apple is my favourite type of wood to burn. This wood is very dense and heavy. It can be difficult to cut and can cause damage to the chainsaw. However, it is the most popular type of firewood in this area. You should not mix it with any other wood as the heat can be dangerous. You could melt your stove if you put it in a “hedge” container. It can turn a wood stove red, according to some stories. (We say “Thank You” to Aurelia Beebe, for her advice. [3]
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My speciality is wood flooring and I’ve installed some black locust floors. It is tough, second only to the osage orange native wood as toughest and also resistant to moisture. White oakIt is beautiful, and it can rot (way more than cedar). You can imagine oak’s grain, and colourr it with gold. This will create a glowing effect that changes in the light. It is stronger than hickory which is harder than hard maple which is more durable than oak. The price for this wood is slightly higher than that of oak. It would be nice if there were more of it in my region. It would be perfect for everything. It is extremely stable, and has very little expansion or contraction. This makes it ideal for interior and exterior furniture. It is difficult to work with? But it isn’t balsa. It’s not balsa. Practically the most durable and stable wood available? Use sharper tools. Last revised by Jarel from Mbuji Mayi (Dr Congo), 80 days ago [4]