(SOLVED!) What Is Luxury Plank Vinyl?

These floors would need to be glued, and over time that glue can become detached, especially as the glue does not adhere very well to cork. Also, as the glue dries out, it can harden and also become detached. Further, you will need to install stair noses on the front of each tread, and these stair noses are raises (as these are floating floors and it’s the only way to attach them), and the height difference can create a tripping hazard 👍 And, of course if the step underneath isn’t even, the flooring may bounce 🤓 And, you will also need to install shoe molding or quarter round around all of the edges, and this in my opinion looks sloppy and cheap on the steps [1]
Similarly to LVP, Rigid Core WPC/SPC flooring is made up of layers, the combination of which leads to a flooring fit for residential, commercial, wet and dry spaces. The base layer is an attached underlayment of foam or cork, adding comfort underfoot and a small amount of sound absorption. On top of that is the core – where these Rigid Core flooring options get their names – made of a composite of wood or stone powder and plastic or resin. Immediately atop the core is the vinyl layer, using digital technology to add colourr and print perfection to your home. The icing on this flooring cake is the wear layer, bringing that scuff and scratch resistance. (last modified 39 days ago by Aniceto Roberts from Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela) [2]
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Woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk also explains how an LVT floor can look like real wood or real stone and have any design printed on it, but it also offers many practical benefits. It is produced in shapes of tiles or planks. Luxury vinyl flooring is still a relatively new product and one of the fastest-growing products within the flooring market. It can often be chosen over laminate flooring or tiles, especially in areas where water is present. However, with the introduction of water-resistant laminate flooring for bathrooms, there are still a lot of good options available. It is often referred to as “Click Vinyl” and “luxury vinyl tiles”. (we really appreciate Connor Noel from Surat, India for the heads up). [3]
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We also hear about LVP being waterproof. Let’s quantify that. No, water will not hurt LVP. Floors, broken water lines, precious princes and princesses running in from the pool….no problem for your LVP. However, waterproof does not mean it is impervious to water. If you leave water on top of even the best floor, there is the possibility of some moisture getting through the joints. And what about water going around the perimeter and under your baseboards? Yeah, there’s that. With a concrete subfloor, it had really won’t matter, but to a wooden subfloor, it would be a much bigger issue. Note to self….clean up water in a reasonable amount of time. Or call my insurance adjuster. (edited by Earl Scruggs on March 4, 2020) [4]

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