What Is Mont D Or Cheese? [RESOLVED]

This cheese originates from the Mont d’Or in France (and is also known as Vacherin du Haut Doubs or simply Mont d’Or). As the summer comes to an end and the air gets cooler, the cows come down the mountain and their milk becomes fattier and reduces in quantity. These changes mean making Comté (a hard aged cheese) becomes difficult 😎 Hence, traditionally, a soft, rich, quick-ripening small cheese is made 😁 To this day the cheese can only be made seasonally between 15th August and 15th March. If you are interested in why Mont d’Or remains a seasonal cheese, click here to read The History of Vacherin Mont d’Or. [1]
The origins of Mont d’ Or is hard to trace. But as early as the 13th century are records that cheeses were being made in this Haut Doubs and Vaud regions that were encircled in wood. At this time Monks were responsible for developing cheesemaking in many areas, and although there is no doubt that cheese was being made in The Alps before then – the monks were at the forefront of pioneering dairy farming and cheesemaking as we know it today. Clearing high pastures in the Alps, the monks created great swathes of land for high grazing in the Summer to produce rich milk. [2]
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Years ago an American food magazine published a recipe for baking this cheese and they have had a slew of complaints from readers because the wooden molds the cheese was packed in fell apart during the baking, leaving a stinky mess. It wasn’t until they realized that the wooden cheese forms sent to the states weren’t stapled, but glued (for some reason, Americans don’t like staples anywhere near their food), and the heat of the oven melted not just the Mont d’Or, but the glue holding the container together. But it’s easy to see how anything, or anyone, can become unglued in the presence of such a cheese. (revised by Maxx Biggs on November 17, 2021) [3]
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While this reputation is well deserved, it often has the unintended consequence of driving connoiseurs and first-time customers alike to timid trepidation. And this is a shame, because as dainty and delicate as Vacherin may appear, it is a mighty burst of flavoursrr and texture that is best dived into head first. To remove some of the intimidation factor, the dedicated crew here at Murrays worked a little overtime this weekend; we have taken a wheel home, assembled food and beverage pairings of all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors, and concocted a definitive three course progression for you, so you too can go three rounds with the undisputed featherweight champion of the cheese world. Alas, work life balance eludes us again! (modified by Jameshia Donohue on November 6, 2021) [4]
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