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[Resolved] What Is Natural Environment Training?

Natural Environment Training are instructions that are both driven by the individual’s motivation and carried out in the environments that closely resemble natural environments, while being highly structured with regard to the individual’s access to reinforcement. The ability to transfer skills from one environment to another environment through natural environment training is a benefit. Skills acquired through 1:1 therapy can be applied outside of therapy using NET. The curriculum focuses on an individual’s specific needs and embeds them within his/her interests. Other characteristics of the NET are capturing motivation (EO/MO), errorless learnin, and using probe data instead of trial by trial data 😊😎 [1]
It is a skill we all need. Teach is only as good as its function for the student. A child can memorize lots of labels and words but if the chid can’t then use them in everyday, common uses then we haven’t done our job. As we’re teaching a skill, we want to concurrently teach the child how to use it in many different ways that are applicable to their life. The NET is essential for the generalization of any skill. Before a skill is considered “mastered”, the child should be able to show us that she can use the skill during play or other real-life situation. We can help a child label animals by teaching her how to use a toy barn. The child then has the chance to request the animal that she likes while having fun with the toy. We are grateful to Tanesia Jewell, Liling, China, for sharing this information. [2]
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Additional reading is available at chicagoabatherapy.comThere is much more information available about applied behaviourr analysis (ABA) and there are many ways to customize ABA therapy sessions. Every child diagnosed with autism is unique and has different needs. Therefore, ABA therapy may be adapted to suit all ages. This is why ABA therapy can also be offered in homes, hospitals and private practices. It’s even possible to provide therapy out of the home in your community. NET, or Natural Environment Teaching, is a method of providing ABA therapy in a ‘natural environment’ or out in a ‘real-life’ setting, as opposed to a more formal, clinical setting. Ellice Snider, Indore (India) last updated this 3 weeks ago [3]
For example, let’s say there is a girl who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is verbal and just beginning therapy at Hopebridge. To build trust, I would pair up with the child as a therapist. She has full control over the sessions and can do whatever she wishes. She decides to have fun with cars the next day. I follow her lead and grab one of the cars, but I’m making mine sound way more fun so she will try to take it from me…the catch is, I don’t give it up until she says “car.” Once she says it, I’m giving it to her and offer her tons of praise. My attention was very focused on her, so I reinforce what she is doing. Instructional control starts to favourr me. Marquail Kirland, June 12, 2020. Edited by Marquail Kirkland [4]
According to the researchers, abaconnect.comSome people believe that children are not allowed to sit at the table and are therefore engaged in teaching about the natural world. It isn’t always true. This natural environment is only teaching if the therapist uses the tools and is interested in it. Sitting on the floor and asking a child to sort pictures of silverware is not natural Teaching environment. Natural environment teaching is asking the child to organize the silverware in the drawer while you empty the dishwasher. If there is an intentional interaction with the environment in support of the skill being taught, then natural environment teaching exists. Britta Harden modified this text on March 6, 2021 [5]
Natural Environment Teaching is particularly important and difficult for autistic children because they are often not motivated to learn new things. Since a child is taught away from a structured setting, following the child’s lead, using activities and materials in the child’s home, outside, day care setting, etc. If the child shows interest, an ABA professional who is not familiar with NET might choose to instruct specifically in a structured environment. As a matter of fact, many programs don’t teach new skills in the natural environment at all! It can mean that a child is limited in the ability to acquire skills in one setting. This can also lead to therapy skills not being used outside therapy. It is a complete waste. Even though the idea is to follow the child’s lead, a curriculum is usually planned ahead of time and followed through a session. The curriculum would focus on a child’s specific needs and embed them within his/her interests. The characteristics of NET include the capture of motivation (EO/MO), errorless learning and using probe data rather than trial-by-trial data. [6]

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