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If you already passed one of the FINRA exams and are currently registered as a representative, you are considered to have passed the SIE already 😊 If you passed one of the exams and are not currently registered, you may need to take the SIE depending on how many years elapse between now and your next registration 🤓 If you have lost your registration after passing the exam, then you need to reregister by taking the SIE. It is the same procedure as before, but you will be taking two exams. The exams take about the same time as previous versions. SIE and Series 7 Top-Off exams, for instance, take approximately the same time as Series 7. [1]
In addition to taking the SIE exam and one of the co-requisite exams listed below, you’ll likely have to take either the NASAA Series 63 exam or NASAA Series 66 exam. This exam is focused on state securities laws and not federal securities laws. Series 66 holders can also become investment advisors. This is the difference between Series 63 and Series 66. The employer will tell you which one you should take. The Series 66 is becoming more popular among broker-dealers. Don’t worry too much; neither of them is the beast that some of the other listed exams are. [2]
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It is important that you take time to review the information before you sign up for the proctored examination. FINRA provides a outline and a practice exam on their website. These study tips can help to ensure you have the best possible chance of passing. To ensure you pass the exam the first time, it is worth hiring a SIE Exam tutor. It costs $60 to take the exam. You can take the exam again if you don’t pass. However, you will need to wait 30 days before you attempt your next time. Failure to pass the test again will result in a 30 day wait. Any future failures will lead to a waiting period time of an additional 180 days. Make sure to be ready before you sign up. This was highlighted by Eric Young, Mashhad (Iran) [3]
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For potential industry professionals, the SIE Exam is a new, introductory level FINRA exam. Its purpose is to assess a candidate’s basic knowledge of securities industry topics fundamental to working in the industry. SIE Exam, a FINRA-sponsored exam, is a requirement for working in the financial service industry. The SIE Exam is not like traditional securities exams, which require that an individual be employed by a sponsoring company to pass the exam. This exam is free of sponsorship. Exam will not allow an individual to perform It will not be used as a function but instead will serve as one component in a series of exams that are equivalent to securities exams (e.g. Series 6, 7, 56, and 79 [4]
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