what is phase 1 on the hcg diet?

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If you feel too “full” already to feel like you can eat hardly anything, you might try to see if there are any foods that feel less averse to you than others 😁 For instance, sometimes cold foods, or foods with no smell, seem to be able to go down much easier than say… 🔥 😎pungent Dim Sum. For example, you might mix coconut cream with stevia. Then put it in the fridge for a while to create a high-fat treat that may be more palatable. You can make your yoghurt more fattening by adding butter or full-fat sour cream to it. [1]
Phase 1 is generally not supported by most dieters and they tend to ignore it. The first phase of the hCG diet is crucial and must be followed by all dieters. This is the time to jump-start your metabolism. You will also be getting ready for the next days. This cycle takes only two days for a normal person. A dieter has the opportunity to eat the most food possible. Time frame of two days. This is the phase that bears eat to prepare for hibernation. This is when your body begins to use the fat stored in this time. It is the best way to prepare your body for the low-calorie diet that will be followed in the days ahead. On these two days, dieters will need to take the hCG injectables. In addition, water intake should be increased. Last revised by Edel McMahan, Cagayan De Oro City (Philippines) [2]
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There are many pros to Additional information? 3.) 3.) Is it possible that some people are not as enlightened? Lose more weight HCG injections can be more efficient than using HCG drops. The DIY HCG Diet has been in operation since 2007 by the founders. In the beginning we were supportive of HCG injections. We have had clients who lost 20-30lbs in less than a month. We have first heard about homeopathic HCG in 2008 (often mistakenly called HGC). It was something we tried out with trepidation, first on our own, then on some of our family and, finally, some customers. Everyone reported the exact same results, and lo and behold! Weight loss Many participants felt less hungry and had more energy. For a time, both the homeopathic and pre-prescription HCG injectables were used. However, after achieving great results we decided to switch over to HCG Diet drops. This has resulted in significantly less hair loss. Last modified by Kenetha Bernal, Goiania (Brazil) 99 days ago [3]
Here is the place where your diet will really kick in and you’ll lose the most weight. These days are Days 3-30 and 40 depending on the program. At this stage, you continue to receive your HCG injection every day. The HCG injection is stopped at this point. You can now eat 500 calories a day. No exercise is necessary (in fact, it is discouraged). Don’t be too intimidated by this though – it’s not as scary as it sounds! It is an extremely clean diet. There are some foods you can’t eat, like oils or sugars. Check out these sample recipes. We give you a detailed list of what is and isn’t included, as well as meal plan ideas and suggestions for some tasty alternatives to some of your normal cravings. Artavia Albright’s advice is greatly appreciated. [4]

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