What Is Prime Filet? [RESOLVED]

One of the most pressing questions for any steak lover: What’s better? Prime rib or filet mignon? Our answer: They’re both amazing cuts that are sure to delight you and your steak-loving guests 😊 So, while we, at Steak University, suggest that you test out the best steak cuts for yourself to find out which ones you prefer, we are also happy to help you learn the differences because the flavoursrr isn’t the only factor to consider 😁 You also want a steak that cooks the way you want it to, has the texture you love, and stays within your budget 👍 Both the prime rib and filet mignon have a lot to offer, so let’s get down to business. [1]
The way I gottten to know about Filet Mignon was mainly from fancy restaurants that I would usually take my wife for her birthday or anniversaries. This cut comes from the tenderloin area which means that it is both very tender but also a very small part of the Steer, not only making it a very high demanded cut but also a very expensive one. If you have tried it before, you might have realized that the’s havingad cutting itself does not actually contain that much flavoursrr, so it is very common for it to be served wrapped in bacon, or with some flavorful or creamy sauce. My mother-in-law likes to serve it both ways, bacon-wrapped AND a delicious mushroom brown sauce (maybe a recipe to share in the future!). [2]
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It is interesting to compare filet mignon and sirloin steak as they are right next to each other, located just on opposite sides of the rib bones. But, despite their proximity, the two are very different. The sirloin, which is divided into top sirloin and bottom sirloin, is considerably longer than the tenderloin and produces a wide variety of cuts, such as rib eye (from the upper part, beyond where the tenderloin ends), shell steak, porterhouse, New York strip, Kansas City steak (which is a New York strip with a bone), and boneless sirloin. Because this back muscle is a very much used one, the meat develops a lot of fat and pronounced beefy flavoursrr, which also gives a more fibrous, firmer texture. For this reason, the technique of dry-aging was devised where whole bottom and top loins are hung in a well-ventilated temperature-controlled space for 14 to 28 days, which makes them both more tender and more flavorful. Filet mignon, without bone or fat, is not suitable for dry-aging. (last modified 19 days ago by Brendi Cortes from Benin City, Nigeria) [3]
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Meatthebutchers.com also explains that the best you can get—not just because it’s filet mignon, but because it’s our filet mignon. It’s the’s havingad cutting that top chefs and celebrity restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas order from us and serve to their most discerning patrons. We source our all-natural, prime filet mignon from Midwest corn-fed Black Angus cattle, wet age it for 21 days to enable its own enzymes to tenderize it and enhance its flavoursrr, then hand select only the best cuts for the highest quality and best presentation. Plus, our prime filet mignon arrives at your door without ever being frozen, so you’ll be able to experience its incredible tenderness, marbling and exquisite texture in your very own home. (last revised 53 days ago by Wiliam McNamara from Xalapa, Mexico) [4]
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