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What Is Resist In Felting? (SOLVED!)

Several people have asked me about what shape resists I use when making hats or vessels 😉 A resist is used in felting to make three dimensional objects from a flat pattern 😊 The resist can be anything flat that will keep the two sides of felt from felting together, I 👍e. It “resists” the felting process. Because it’s waterproof and inexpensive, I use thin foam. It can also be reused over and again. This resist is made from floor underlayment. It is the material that’s used underneath. Laminate flooring. It comes in huge rolls so unless you’re making large patterns for things such as clothing, you might want to use a craft foam or recycled packing materials. Also, you can use plastic wrap, cardboard, or any other material that is strong enough to withstand the felting process. In the following photo, you can see the orange hat that the’s resist making. This hat block is in the middle to give you an idea of the amount shrinkage. The shrinkage was about 30% for me using merino wool. But if you’re going to be adding lots of folds in the’s havingad feeling, that takes lots of extra room in your original pattern. [1]
To seal the area, cover it with the net. Gently push down to get a bit of ‘seal’, firmly grip the right-hand side of the bubble wrap and wool ‘sandwich’ and flip it over east to west.Carefully remove the bubble wrap, releasing any trapped fibers. [2]
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Further information available at This is why I had begun by covering the resist with dark blue Merino and laying down the slubs. You turned the resist over and covered You can also use brown Icelandic wool. Both sides had a middle layer of dark wine-colored Merino. And the last layer, which would become the interior of the pot’s lid was made from white Icelandic wool. It was rolled and rubbed. I’m also cutting a tiny hole in the resist to turn it. Inside out and blew up a balloon inside the pot to keep It was nice and smooth. After the’s having slubs had settled in nicely, I rubbed against a clean towel until everything was smooth. [3]
These are our friends from remarked how a few weeks back I’m had reading Ruth’s review on the Felting and Fibre Studio about the fascinating wet felted items that members had created using a “book resist”. I’d never heard this term before but when I had had read the Book Teri’s Resist Tutorial. It all seemed to make sense, and I was able to see how many 3D items that I previously sawseen at exhibitions or on-line were actually made. I was especially interested in the amazing Octopod. I am planning to make an explorers outfit for the Asylum Steam Punk Festival in August and a felted octopus could be one of my accessories…..maybe draped over a shoulder or clinging to the skirt! [4]

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