(RESOLVED!) What Is Restorative Sleep?

You will get more sleep if you sleep less than you used to. If you’re only partially sleep deprived (for example, getting 6 hours a night instead of 7 or 8 for a single night), you won’t necessarily get more deep sleep the next night or REM rebound, but recent research suggests that the deep sleep you do get may be “deeper” 🙌 For instance, partial sleep deprivation that builds up throughout the working week will most likely lead to more deep sleep when the week progresses 🙌 [1]
Sleep is not a time to do nothing. It’s an integral part of every person’s life. Sleep is essential for our bodies to rest, repair and recharge. There are four sleep stages — three in the non-REM phase plus REM sleep. There are many. factors can affect Sleep quality includes what you eat before going to sleep and the temperature of your room. Some people have difficulty sleeping. If you believe you have a sleep disorder you should consult your healthcare provider. The most common sleep disorders are insomnia, trouble falling asleep and sleep apnea. The provider will help you find the right diagnosis and provide you with the necessary treatment. Peter Flores (South Korea, Seongnam) edited this article on October 5, 2020. [2]
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Adult humans should get 50% of their total sleep through restorative sleep. This is evenly split between Stage N3 Delta and Stage REM at 20-25%. Patients don’t usually know that they aren’t getting enough restorative sleeping. They may feel fatigued or moody, tired or worse, don’t feel rested or healthy. Many patients who are deficient in restorative sleeping quality or total hours slept may have inaccurate perceptions. This can lead to them not being tested because they believe they get enough sleep. Patients with sleep apnea who experience quantitatively low levels of restorative sleep are particularly vulnerable. SleepSomatics can use CPAP to relieve sleep apnea. Daytime sleepiness disappears and restorative sleep rebounds. [3]
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Julie Burris health.harvard.eduAbout 45-60 minutes later, the sleep cycle shifts to its REM phase. The eyes are closed but they can move quickly in any direction. However, the muscles of the legs are completely immobile and limp. Breathing may be very slow or even temporarily halted. Dreaming happens only in REM sleep. The heart rate and blood pressure are still elevated even though the body is completely relaxed. pressure fluctuate from low High blood pressure means that the heart pumps less blood into the body, but more to its brain. The “stress hormone” adrenaline is produced by the sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates activity in the sympathetic nervous system. Most men develop penile erections during REM sleep. Breeze Holcomb, July 15, 2020. [4]

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