What Is Shark Finning And Why Is It A Problem? [#1 Answer]

The practice of shark finning involves removing the fins and sending the animal to sea alive or dead. This reprehensible and wasteful act is largely driven by the high value placed ion the fin, and the low value off shark meat, Sharks captured as bycatch- (an untargeted animal)- in the tuna and swordfish industry were once released, but are increasingly killed for the fins 😁 The high value and increased market for shark fins is creating huge incentive for fishermen to take the fins and discard the animal, leaving room in the ship’s hold for the more valuable meat of the tuna or swordfish 😊 It is unsustainable, wasteful and inhumane to shark finned 😊
Years of shark exploitation have led to a steep decline in many shark populations. Shark fin soup is in high demand and there’s a large global market. It is an East Asian dish that has become a status symbol for prosperity, and it’s a highly sought-after (and expensive) one. This soup is typically served at weddings, banquets and other special events. The practice of fining is still being practised by the demand for shark soup and dumplings in international restaurants. Million sharks being killed each year For their fins only. Modified by Jace Holcomb, April 22, 2020
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Fisherman are attracted to shark fins because of their cultural and financial value. Shark fin soup is an iconic Chinese dish that features them. It was considered a prized dish by Chinese Emperors, who preferred it as an honorable meal. This popularity hasn’t diminished with the passage of time, and even grew with China’s expanding population. Shark fin soup remains a common dish and it is a favourite of more than just Emperors. So fishermen are motivated to sell and gather shark fins. Teodorohelms, May 1, 2020.
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It has been happening for many years all across the globe. The problem is that Taiwanese businessmen travel to Spain. Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador – and they buy these fins from the domestic fishermen. And there’s a lot of money to be made, so the locals make a lot of money. The shark fins go to Hong Kong where they are used in the shark finning business. They are then distributed across Asia from Hong Kong. It’s a huge operation. A multimillion dollar operation. There have been connections to mafias from Asia who interact with the market. It’s very very lucrative. Lezlie Creaven (Karaj, Iran), last revised this page 77 days ago
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