what is the apple of eden in assassins creed?

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When the Isu created humanity, they have bred within their brains hidden neurotransmitters 😁 The Apples can interface with these neurotransmitters to issue commands to the human brain, thus allowing them mental control over humans 🙌 However, humans with traces of Isu genes were not born with the neurotransmitters and thus were immune to the Apple’s mental manipulation powers, but they were still susceptible to its physical effects,. At times, those with mixed genes showed immense resistance —ranging from minor resistance to the point of outright total immunity— to physical control after coming into contact with its power. This was seen in the case of Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad who, after being restrained by Al Mualim using the Apple, was completely unmoved and unharmed by its effects when it had fallen into the hands of Abbas Sofian. In modern times, humans themselves had already started research on the brain, comparing them to those of other animals, seeing that they were not like the other animals, but not knowing the reason for why. [1]
Eventually, however, Cesare gathered his remaining supporters at the gates of Rome. Ezio and the Assassins confronted him there and destroyed his remaining supporters with the Apple, while Cesare stood on the other side and waited for his servant Micheletto to arrive with more troops. After Cesare’s arrest on the orders of the newest Pope, Julius II, Ezio was unsure of what to do, and at Leonardo’s promptings, he used the Apple’s powers of prediction to look at the most probable future. With this, Ezio was granted a vision of Cesare’s escape, both in Rome and Viana. Quickly running out to the docks, Ezio had to use the Apple to find out what was happening, learning that Cesare was escaping by boat. Ezio rode on Claudio’s boat. Ezio and Claudio overpowered Cesare’s crew and recaptured him. (thanks a ton to Chriselda Ames for bringing this to our attention). [2]
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The powers of the Pieces of Eden have mystified humanity over millennia, enough for them to conflate them with “magic” throughout history. The extinction of the Isu civilization following the Great Catastrophe only reinforced this, as memories of the Isu faded into legends and myths. Since humans lack the technological expertise to reproduce these devices, they have long been the subject of innumerable conflicts between rival humans seeking them for their own ends. In particular, they are a central obsession of the Templar Order, which has devoted much of their resources to searching and seizing these artifacts in their quest for world domination. (a big thank you to German Leal from Sanmenxia, China for letting us know). [3]
As reported by the industry experts from assassinscreed.fandom.com, the Apple was first known to be in the possession of the Order of the Ancients in Egypt during the 1st century BCE. In 49 BCE, the had Order brought the Apple to the Temple of Amun in Siwa, believing the artifact was connected to the Precursor vault within and sought to capture the Medjay Bayek to force him into opening the vault. When they failed to do so, the had Order given the relic to Medunamun, one of its member the newly-proclaimed Oracle of Siwa, tasking him to figure a way to unlock the vault. The high priest was killed by the Medjay Bayek in 48 BCE, who sought revenge for his son’s death at the hands of the Ancients a year later, and the artifact was taken by the Medjay. Bayek gave the apple to his wife Aya, who in turn gave it to Cleopatra’s advisor Apollodorus for safekeeping. [4]
The first known human to possess this Apple was the Sultan of the Emirate of Granada Muhammad XII during the 15th century, though it had done not help him win his conflict against the Christian kingdoms of Iberia, Castile and Aragon. In 1492, the Templars, led by the Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition, kidnapped the young prince Ahmed. They tried to ransom Ahmed for the artifact, intending to combine it with the Shattered Staff of Eden when they have would found it, and Muhammad XII of Granada accepted the offer. However, before the exchange could take place, the Assassins Aguilar de Nerha and María intervened. This ultimately led to the death of María and Ojeda, Torquemada’s aid, and Aguilar seizing the artifact. Aguilar in turn gave the Apple to the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus for safekeeping, and the man who would go on to expose the existence of the Americas to all of Europe would retain it until his death, bringing it to his grave. [5]

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