(SOLVED) What Is The Best Artist Easel?

Artists easels come in all shapes and sizes – from large, sturdy studio easels to portable easels to take on your painting trips 🙌 You may have never used an easel before, even if you have been painting for a long time 🙌 Many artists come to use them first in a college or tutoring setting 😁 Other artists may find that they do not need an easel at all. The most important thing to consider when selecting your easel is practicality. We’ll introduce you to the different types of easels that we stock, and give you some hints and tips that will help you select an easel that is best for you.
There are three very good reasons to buy an art easel, one of them practical and two artistic. The first is that an easel keeps your work out of harm’s way. An easel helps prevent dust collecting on your work. In the early days of any artistic practise a well-crafted art work can be lost by spilling painting water and ink over it while drawing and painting on a desk. Working on a wall is no good either becuase if the paper is taped to the wall it can end up as a crumpled heap on the floor when paint and pressure are applied. That doesn’t happen when it’s clipped to a board and attached to an easel. An easel is an investment in your craft and we have five different types to suit any practise: table top easels, box easels, small display easels, sketch easels and an everyday wooden easels. (edited by Dwane McGregor on June 8, 2020)
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As reported by the analysts from, for many, easels are an essential part of the painting process. They allow you to face your canvas straight on, whether you’re working on your largest masterpiece or a small sketch. This helps to reduce neck strain while getting rid of overhead glare. Having an easel is also useful when you need to take a literal step back to survey your progress (and perhaps imagine your artwork on the walls of a museum). Easels are usually made of wood and are adjustable to fit a variety of canvas sizes. And most studio easels can be raised or lowered so artists may sit or stand comfortably while painting. If you are an educator, a student, or a beginning painter, see our picks of affordable, high-quality easels below.