what is the best chicken breed for beginners?

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Most of the time, you don’t need to worry too much about this, as most breeds will be fine in all climates. Also, if the chicken is being sold to you locally, then unless the chicken has recently been imported, it will be fine in your climate. However, if you’re buying rare breeds (which we wouldn’t recommend to you as a beginner, but more on that later) and are traveling a long distance to get them, you need to make sure that the climate you are taking them to is suitable 🙈 For example, Minorca chickens require hot climates to be suitable in certain areas of Russia 😊 [1]
It’s no secret that raising backyard chickens has only become more popular in the last 10 years, especially in the last six months as the coronavirus lockdown has left bored suburbanites scrambling for new hobbies. Online guides for keeping backyard chickens have proliferated – this article is an excellent place to start for novice chicken owners trying to figure out which way is up on their new coop blueprints. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the online treasure trove of chicken information, as well as romantic ideas about what chicken-keeping will be like, and straightforward answers to basic questions are a godsend. Questions like: What breed of chicken should I get for my first flock of hens? [2]
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The Rhode Island Red is one of the quintessential backyard chicken breeds, and is an ideal bird for beginners. They are quite a large breed, but are generally a very calm and docile bird, and quite hardy. While their name suggests they are red, over the years they have changed to be more of a reddish-brown colourr with their bright yellow legs being a stand-out point. They are very tolerant birds and are willing to adapt to their given environment which makes them one of the better chicken breeds for beginners. If you’re after chicken breeds that will provide you with an abundance of eggs the Rhode Island Red is a perfect choice, with its laying performance it’s strong point. They can produce over 300 large, rich, brown eggs in a year-ideal if you love fresh eggs for breakfast! (last modified 60 days ago by Arwa Guillory from Cologne, Germany) [3]
Based around an article from, from egg production (spoiler alert: No chicken lays eggs every day) to regal plumage, these nine types of chickens are among the most prized varieties of backyard hens. Whether you are looking for the friendliest chicken breed (hint…a Sussex can be trained to eat out of your hand!) or the best chicken breed for beginners (check out the cool, calm, and collected Plymouth Rock!), our chicken breeds chart breaks down the appearance, temperament, and average egg production (including shell colourr) of these top types of chickens. Can’t make up your mind? Mixing different breeds in a single coop is no problem at all. In fact, like a well-appointed room, a “curated flock” is all the more alluring. [4]
According to the analysts from, black Australorp chickens are such easy keepers and one of the best backyard chicken breeds! Having a few in your flock will be a pleasure! They will lay 5 or more eggs per week, are very hardy, and are friendly and quiet. The longest we’ve ever had a rooster was four years, and he was a Black Australorp. He never once showed an aggressive bone in his body. We have had fallen into a nice pattern of hens hatching out his hardy chicks each year. The only reason he retired was that it was the first year he only produced two chicks despite many clutches being sat upon (so, yes, they can go broody.) (a huge thanks goes to Verity Lorenz from Akure, Nigeria for highlighting this). [5]

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