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what is the best coating to put on a garage floor?

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The first step in deicing what to put on your garage floor is to take stock of its condition 👍 Older, cracked, or oil-stained concrete is a tough candidate for paints, stains, or coatings 😊 That’s because getting them to adhere properly will require you to do two days or more of sweeping, pressure washing, acid etching, and patching before a drop of paint gets spread 😁 It will take at least 30 days for your garage floor to fully cure before you paint or coat it. You might consider rubber matt, plastic tiles or carpeting if the floor is damaged.
Budget and style are also important considerations. You can choose from either of these options if your garage concrete is in good condition. You can pick either one of the two options if your garage concrete is in poor condition. Choosing to cover the damages with a garage floor You can cover your garage floors with temporary coverings like carpets and mats. It will create the desired effect and protect the concrete slab. Kai Courtney, Copenhagen, Denmark (last revision 94 days back)
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• Water-based acrylic paint is safe to use in all environments Because of its low VOCs content. This product can be used for all occasions interior use only.• Diamond Hard paint covers up to 12m²/liter, depending on surface porosity. It is recommended to apply three coats, but we achieved satisfactory results with only two coats.• Garage floor paint hard-dries in only 72 hours. It touch dries in two hours and can be re-coated after approximately six hours.• Diamond Hard formula provides a very high level of protection and creates a long-lasting barrier against oil spills, dirt and grease.• Equipment is very easy to clean with soapy water; the paint is washable and easy to wipe clean with floor detergents.
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