what is the best cooling memory foam pillow?

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Many people have a fixed preference when it comes to pillow loft, but those with neck pain may feel more comfortable sleeping on a thinner or thicker pillow depending on their comfort level 😉 The Layla Kapok Pillow offers adjustable loft, so you can customize the volume to your liking 🙌 Filling is made of down-like fibres derived from the kapok tree and shredded memory foam 👍 It has a luxurious feel regardless how much you fill it with. The adjustable nature of this pillow also makes it suitable for any sleep position, though side and back sleepers will probably feel most comfortable due to the pillow’s softer feel. [1]
You want something soft, comfortable, and cool? Yes, please! Thanks to the triple-layer construction, Casper Foam Pillow is soft and airy. Casper Foam Pillow’s innards are more breathable to allow for better air circulation. The jersey knit covering is made with cooling effects in mind. It’s also designed and tested by Casper’s in-house ergonomist to create a pillow that is proven to align your head and neck for proper support. One reviewer wrote, “I’ve been using it for about a week now and the pillow has stayed cool through the entire night, I’ve never had to turn it.” (a big thank you goes to Analee Pike for their recent revisions). [2]
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Many pillows act as heat traps, pulling as much sweat from your skin as possible. Some pillows are designed to breathe throughout the night so you can get restful and full sleep. It can sometimes be difficult to choose the best cooling pillow for you. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Sleep Judge, we’ve rounded up the highest rated cooling pillows They have were put through various trials in order to get our honest feedback. We are proud to say that these guys are among the most respected in their field. Continue reading to find out all about it! Rosalie Marcus (from Ganzhou, China), last modified 16 days ago [3]
The researchers at, pillows alone won’t make a huge difference in your body temperature, but they can complement other cooling items or add an extra bit of comfort for overly hot sleepers. While many popular brands have launched cooling bedding collections, there’s a lot of terms out there to describe this type of bedding, which makes it hard to keep track of what actually works and what’s simply good marketing. Experts told us that materials play an important role in how effective cooling bedding, including pillows, can be — they recommended looking for terms like “moisture-wicking” and “breathable,” and materials like cotton, Tencel and bamboo. We are grateful to Ahron Ogden who shared this information with us. [4]

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