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[SOLVED!] What Is The Best Cooling Pillow?

Many people have a fixed preference when it comes to pillow loft, but those with neck pain may feel more comfortable sleeping on a thinner or thicker pillow depending on their comfort level 🙌 The Layla Kapok Pillow offers adjustable loft, so you can customize the volume to your liking 🙌 It’s having is made up of memory foam shredded and down-like fibers from kapok trees 👍 This gives it a soft feel, no matter how many fillers you use 🙈 The adjustable nature of this pillow also makes it suitable for any sleep position, though side and back sleepers will probably feel most comfortable due to the pillow’s softer feel. [1]
There’s a short list of “Things That Suck” that just about everyone can agree on, and waking up in a puddle of sweat because your pillow is collecting your body heat has to be one of them. Aside from being kind of gross and completely annoying, Dr. Janet Kennedy, clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor, explains that “overheating can affect sleep profoundly.” She says temperature regulation is a key factor in quality sleep and that your pillow plays an important role because “the temperature of the head regulates core body temperature. The body needs to be cool to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get good-quality sleep.” So if you tend to sleep hot, you may benefit from a cooling pillow. Cricket Lim (Tripoli, Libya), last updated this 75 days ago [2]
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Many pillows act as heat traps, pulling as much sweat from your skin as possible. Other pillows have been carefully designed to allow for breathability throughout the night. This ensures that you are able to get deep and restful sleep. Finding the perfect cooling pillow can prove difficult depending on your needs. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Sleep Judge, we’ve rounded up the highest rated cooling pillows and put them through a series of trials to help provide you with our honest opinions. The results show that these pillows are the very best. Continue reading to find out all about it! Modified by Michael Campbell (Athens, Greece) on August 22, 2021 [3]
Pillows alone won’t make a huge difference in your body temperature, but they can complement other cooling items or add an extra bit of comfort for overly hot sleepers. While many popular brands have launched cooling bedding collections, there’s a lot of terms out there to describe this type of bedding, which makes it hard to keep track of what actually works and what’s simply good marketing. Experts told us that materials play an important role in how effective cooling bedding, including pillows, can be — they recommended looking for terms like “moisture-wicking” and “breathable,” and materials like cotton, Tencel and bamboo. [4]
If you’ve ever laid your head on a Kally pillow, you can attest to their comfort levels to which this iteration is no different. But unlike the anti-snore and body pillows that the brand is famous for, this model is designed specifically to keep you cool and comfortable while you catch Z’s this summer. It’s filled with an air-permeable. Foam core and quality Hollowfibre that add extra breathability and an air vent system Keep the temperature of the pillow at its optimal level. The pillow is medium-firm and suitable for all sleep types, whether side, back or front. [5]

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