What Is The Best Essential Oil To Kill Mold? [Solved]

Essential oils use the cells that are part of your olfactory system—your sense of smell—to reach your brain to help you address areas of concern 😉 After the essential oils have diffused and float in the air they reach the inside of your nose 🔥 These essential oils are found in the mucus on the inside of your nostrils 😁 The mucus membrane is covered by specialized receptor cells. The receptor cells are capable of detecting more than 10,000 different odours. That’s a lot of smells! Your olfactory bulbs, located in the back of the nose, receive the smell of information. Your brain is connected directly to the olfactory bulbs. These molecules, once they are in your brain can have a profound effect on all aspects of your life. Parts of the brainThis includes your flight or fight response. You can relax and cause flight responses by inhaling certain scents. Incredible! Thing is this response can happen quickly. That is the essence of essential oils so effective! [1]
The use of essential oils in small areas is something I fully support. They can be effective, I think. I’m also thinking that you can use them when you know you have mould spores on something, even if you can’t see mould. For example – if your clothing brushed up against a moldy surface but there isn’t any mould on the clothing or if an item of yours was next to a moldy area. Essential oils are a good choice for controlling airborne mold spores. I am confident in them. But beyond that – nope. For mould, essential oils don’t work. Tyler W. From Irbid in Jordan, November 29, 2020 [2]
Image #2 The spray bottle combination of essential oils with alcohol is a fantastic way to directly hit the mold, he continues. Make a mix of 25 drops essential oil and up to 1 cup isopropyl alcohol. Then, add the mixture to a spray-bottle. Apply the formula to any surface with mold. Let it sit for about ten to 15 minutes, then wipe off. It is best to not mix the spray with water if you have concerns about serious mold growth. Sakina Varner, Voronezh (Russia) last modified this page 78 days back [3]
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It is safe to say that pure essential oils have a potent anti-mold effect. Natural plant compounds can be used to prevent mould growth. Many studies show that certain essential oils may be effective in preventing mould growth. Remember that humidity problems and any leaks must be fixed in order to prevent mould growth. It is important to remove any mould from porous materials like drywall and replace it with newer material. It is worth hiring professionals to help remove mold, particularly if it covers more than 10 sq. Feet or there are any health problems. [4]
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