[Solved] What Is The Best Flooring For Coastal Homes?

Soft, weathered, solid hardwood is a luxurious option for a beachy home 🔥 It can add an element of coziness to an otherwise neutral space 😎 Solid hardwood requires more maintenance, but it is durable and can be used for many years if well cared for. You can choose a dense variety such as white oak, and sweep it regularly. Stop grit at the door by placing mats and carpet runners at outside entrances and use a damp mop to clean up spills and dirt as it occurs.Can’t decide on the perfect floor for your beach-side escape? Find a local store by browsing our listings. Let our professionals guide you. [1]
It has been a blessing to live by water most of my adult life. We have experienced severe, crazy storms along the Great Lakes as well as thick fog on California’s coast and many hurricanes and flooding in Virginia. I’m knowing what the effects of living near the coast on a house can be and so can help you choose the right flooring. Living on the coast requires that your flooring options be waterproof, water-resistant, easily cleanable, and resistant to sand. It is important to consider the beach an extension and not a mere view. It is important to open up windows so that the humid and salty atmosphere can enter. Clifford Chamberlain, Cuttack (India) pointed this out. [2]
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Ruth Crum, describes how I’m often asked what type of flooring option is best for the custom beach homes we build and design: real hardwood (solid or engineered), luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or tile. I almost always prefer hardwood floors; however, if you’re in need of a low-maintenance, water-resistant option, LVP works really well—especially throughout beach homes. And tile has come a long way—available in wood and brick designs. Many clients choose hardwoods to be their main living spaces and entertainment areas. Then they use LVP/tile for smaller areas such as entryways, storage or rec rooms. [3]
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Vinyl luxury vinyl flooring is one of most strong and durable options. Since vinyl is stain, dirt and water resistant, it’s the perfect fit for beach homes where dirt, stains and sand can easily collect. Your vinyl flooring will sparkle like new by regular mopping and sweeping. They are water resistant, which prevents moisture from collecting under the floor. This reduces asthma attacks and allergic reactions. You can choose from a variety of available flooring designs You can choose from a variety of colourr options (even ones that look like real wood or stone) to find the perfect vinyl style for you. This page was last edited on 89 Days ago by Doris Herrington (Sakarya, Turkey). [4]
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