what is the best lego series?

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Since its release, this set has been a huge success for Lego and is expected to be a hit, particularly around Christmas. It’s a full recreation of the famous coffee shop from Friends, complete with every little touch you could hope for: the menu, the wall hangings, the muffin display, the carpet… and, delightfully, Lego has designed it to look like a TV show set, including supporting pillars and studio lights. Most importantly, it comes with all six friends, in lookalike versions that range from the fun (Rachel’s and Monica’s season 1 hairdos) to the uncanny (everything about Ross) 😊 Plus, a Gunther figure is thrown in too – it wouldn’t be Central Perk without him! [1]
Starting life in the Billund workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, Lego began manufacturing wooden toys, taking its name from the Danish phrase Leg godt which translates to “play well”. Christiansen began working with plastic in 1949 after 15 years. He’s having a variety of shapes to choose from. Primary colours. The sets today can be more intricate, with thousands of different building blocks. They can be made into anything from supercars that have working gear-boxes or authentic TV sets, providing hours of conscious fun. The brand has also announced the launch of its first plastic shoe. It partnered with Adidas to create a customized Lego Superstar. [2]
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There, life was pretty dull for just a moment. Two years. Boring in its own strange way was even the constant stream of horrible news. When you weren’t bored, what did you do? Drink a glass of water Lunch is available within an hour if you feel hungry. The mega-box of Lego parts was empty. You took out all the blocks and started building. This is the type of work ethic that you’ve never seen in adulthood. This took a while. This page was last modified by Delphina Smallwood, Jhansi (India) on 86/07/2018 [3]
There are very few things that can be more relaxing than building Lego sets. We all have fond memories of sitting on the floor on Christmas morning putting the pieces together on our latest addition and there’s no reason why we can’t recapture that innocence. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to find new and interesting ways to keep ourselves entertained, puzzles and games have emerged as major mood-boosters, proving the past times aren’t just for kids. It’s something Lego, the world’s largest and most profitable toymaker has known for quite some time. Lego has hundreds of sets that are suitable for adults. They include simple designs to build for part-timer builders, as well as more complicated, larger-than-life reproductions of famous pop-culture figures, such cars, people, and other popular culture icons. Felicitas bowden is a real inspiration and we are grateful for all their new insights. [4]

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