What Is The Best Product For Beachy Waves? [Resolved]

To find the best beachy waves product for you, consider your hair type and texture 👍 Wavy girls have the least amount of work to do, since all they need is a texturizing spray to separate strands and pump up their natural waves 🙌 Curly haired types are best off with a product that has some heft to loosen their curls a bit. Straight hair needs a mousse or light cream that will deliver grit and lift. Regardless of your hair type, another thing to look for is ingredients that will deliver volume, shine and soften hair, which will all fool anyone into thinking you just came from a day at the beach. These are the best hair products to nail effortlessly chic beachy waves.
Sun-kissed skin coupled with carefree, tousled hair—like you’ve been laying out on the beach all day, basically—sounds dreamy. But if it’s not your reality, you can fake it ’til you make it. Those perfectly tousled, piece-y, just-napped-on-a-beach waves? Yeah, those don’t just happen. Blake Lively didn’t just come out of the womb with gorgeously textured hair, and Chrissy Teigen doesn’t emerge from bed each morning with gently mussed waves. (opens in new tab) No, the secret to getting the ultimate “what, this ol’ thing?” beachy waves is to use the actual beach on your hair—via sea salt sprays. (last emended 51 days ago by Charlina Snider from Rosario, Argentina)
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Based on an article from byrdie.com, sea salt sprays are the secret weapon to creating an effortlessly tousled texture. The Sachajuan Ocean Mist (view at Dermstore) is our top choice, a pro favorite that works on all hair types and combines both salt and sugar to enhance waves. If you’re looking for not only more texture but also volume, try the R+ Co Rockaway Salt Spray (view at Amazon), which contains a hair-plumping ingredient along with salt. And if your hair is super dry, try the salt-free Amika Bushwick Beach No-Salt Wave Spray (view at Sephora), which relies on a mineral to create surfer girl pieceiness and touts plenty of hydrating ingredients, too. (we give thanks to Osvaldo Saldana from Haikou, China for their revisions).
One of my absolute favorite things about going to the beach is the way it makes my hair look. Seriously. The combo of saltwater and ocean breeze gives my typically fine, flat, pin-straight hair this crazy-pretty texture that’s full of volume and waves. Lucky for me, I go to the beach, like, every weekend in the summer (‘sup, Jersey Shore), so my hair gets to live its best life on the regular. But for the other 300 days of the year when I’m sitting inside or at my desk? I use a shit ton of sea salt spray. I swear—a few spritzes can transform even the finest hair like mine into beach waves that have the same gritty, tousled texture that you’d get from a dip in the ocean.
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