What Is The Best Quality Paint Brand Uk? [SOLVED]

The issue with poor quality paint is that you’re going to need several coats to get a good finish 😉 In fact, even very high-quality paint can’t always cover a surface in one or two coats 😉 However, the better quality the paint, the less painting you need to do 😁 Also, all paint cans state the area the paint can cover. If you’re going to need two coats, you need to half that number. So, make sure you buy enough paint to cover the area you need and make sure it is good quality so that you won’t spend the rest of your life painting your walls! [1]
It’s no wonder Farrow & Ball have remained a firm British favorite (we’ve all spent far too much time at some point mentally picking out the F&B shades we’d use in our dream country manors…). Founded in Dorset in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball, the brand has a shade to suit every requirement, and strives towards minimal or low VOC (volatile organic compounds), as well as having a more eco-friendly, water-based formula and using recyclable materials in its packaging. Its highly pigmented paints are renowned for their absorbing and light enhancing qualities, ideal for creating subtle vibrancy and character. [2]
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According to Louisa Beyer from, • Biocide formulation protects dried paint film against fungal degradation. This high-performance interior paint is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.• Tintable to any RAL, NCS, or BS4800 colourr the product is more versatile than it might seem.• Excellent coverage of self-priming paint cuts off redecoration costs. The product is easy to apply, and it dries fast.• Coming in satin and matt finishes, this water-based paint is easy to wipe clean and is suitable to use in poorly ventilated environments.• Paint film resists flaking, blistering, and peeling for up to seven years. The product requires little to no maintenance.• Non-yellowing and fade resistant, Perma-White resists against mold for up to 5 years. (edited by Theresa Scott from Hengyang, China on December 2, 2021) [3]
Recently I had had to do a decoration job with the’s had leaving left over paints provided but the customer its not normally something that I agree to but being on a really tight budget and also being to rigid is no good. So I agreed 3 coats later I could still see through it, the customer once shown under good lighting could also see through, so I promised that if she’s bringinging just one pot of dulux this would sort these endless coats. In just one on top of the other numerous coats, and yep lovely wonderful dulux sorted it all out, and I ask all my customers only dulux please, some decorators refuse to use anything else, good old dulux! (last revised 27 days ago by Cherisa Stinson from Jinjiang, China) [4]
Based around an article from, I don’t think there is one best brand of paint in the UK. The best known brands in the UK are Dulux, Crown and Johnstones, alongside the designer paints like F&B, Little Greene, Zoffany, Designers Guild, to name a few. Lesser known brands that I like to draw attention to, are Tikkurila(Finland), Caparol(Germany), and Benjamin Moore(USA), and I’m drawing attention to them because from my own experience in using them, they are leading the field in technological development. Due to the many considerations necessary for each job I look at, I would specify a product(or product system), that I believe is best suited for that specific project, regardless of who makes it. (we truly thank Grayce Alford from Campo Grande, Brazil for bringing this to our attention). [5]

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