(SOLVED!) What Is The Best Time Of Year To See The Northern Lights In Fairbanks Alaska?

Once a gold mining settlement but now little more than a truck stop at 67° N latitude on the famed Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, Coldfoot is a prime northern lights observation location in the Alaskan Arctic 😎 That’s largely because it’s home to the rustic Coldfoot Camp in the Brooks Mountain Range on the edge of the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, the northernmost national park in the U 😎S 🤓 Many aurora adventure tours take guests here and to Wiseman about 15 miles north for the high chances of a northern lights show. Another option nearby is the fly-in luxury Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge. Coldfoot is 250 miles north of Fairbanks and 60 miles above the Arctic Circle. [1]
There are so many different ways, but a great way is to take a northern lights tour with a guide. You can view them from a heated “aurorium” cabin or lodge, see them on a dog sled adventure, on a snow cat tour, via a trip part way up the Dalton Highway or even on a flight above the Arctic Circle. Or perhaps you want to go fishing while you wait and go on an evening ice-fishing adventure on a local lake! All of these are great options, or if you are a do-it-yourself adventurer, you can drive to a nearby vantage point and wait for them to appear. See below for accessible spots around Fairbanks. (emended by Gaspare McKinley on October 11, 2020) [2]
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You’re going to be up late. Most tours focus on the hours between 10pm and 3am. Many tour operators will provide large parkas and bunny boots to keep you warm, as well as warm beverages and light snacks. If you’re at a lodge, you can arrange for a wake-up call if you’re not able to stay up. You’ll sleep in late the next morning (and that’s easy to do in winter when the sun doesn’t rise until 10 or 11am!). You might spend the afternoon enjoying an exhilarating winter experience like dog sledding or snowmobiling. You’ll return to your hotel or lodge for an early evening nap, and get ready to do it all again! (edited by Crimson R. On September 10, 2021) [3]
Northern lights tours are available in the Interior, Arctic, and Southcentral regions. Tour guides know the best spots for viewing and can take you off the beaten track to remote viewing locations with less ambient light. They offer single day tour options or you can increase your chances of viewing with multi-day overnight northern lights packages, which often include meals and overnight stays at unique, remote lodging specifically-designed for northern lights viewing. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can keep an eye on the statewide aurora forecast and the Fairbanks aurora tracker. Many Alaska hotels offer a northern lights wake-up call (upon request, of course) to wake visitors when the lights are out. (revised by Rebecca R. From Rajkot, India on August 10, 2020) [4]
The researchers at provide additional insight. If you are curious to know when the best time to see the Northern Lights In Alaska is or when the Northern Lights are most visible in Alaska then, read on! Alaska is one of the best places to see aurora borealis! The beautiful and colorful bands of light dance through the dark Alaska night skies. The most common colourr that appears is yellow-green, but there are also reds, blues, and even purples. Many people travel to see the Alaska aurora borealis. You can also find out when the Northern Lights occur in Alaska below, and when it is the best time to visit Alaska to see the Northern Lights. (edited by Gautam Swift on May 4, 2020) [5]
The most popular place for viewing the rare and spectacular phenomenon in Alaska is Fairbanks. Even though it’s located just below the Arctic Circle, 180 mi (290 km) south to be more precise, the aurora borealis appears quite frequently there. A good place to head to in the vicinity is Cleary Summit Aurora Viewing Area, situated about 20 mi (32 km) north-east of Fairbanks. The area is easily accessible, offers a solid view of the horizon, and has parking, which is also convenient. Also, visit Chena Lakes Recreation Area to look for vibrant green reflections in the water. The area is also 20 mi away, but south-east of Fairbanks. (revised by Vikki Goss on October 8, 2020) [6]
You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of solar particles crashing into the earth’s magnetic field, more commonly known as the northern lights or aurora borealis. On any given dark night in Alaska, you can find Facebook posts from across the state filled with updates about the forecast for northern lights. If beautiful fall foliage, snow and cool weather weren’t enough of an indication, the northern lights seal the deal – winter is just around the corner. Alaska is one of the best places in the world to view the mystical northern lights, and the best time to catch a glimpse is during the prime viewing season between September and March. (last revised 5 weeks ago by Delina Prado from Guntur, India) [7]

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