what is the best way to organize a bookshelf?

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In these unprecedented times, after weeks (who’s keeping count anymore?) of quarantine, many of us are sitting around staring at four corners and wondering what else to do to possibly pass the time 🙈 I had have spent a lot of hours organizing and loading my Pinterest boards with new ideas on how to stay tidy 😊 After reading many books, I realized that my largest clutter is my bookshelf. The time was right to make some changes and I started organizing. I’m now having a new spot to take photos of me with my bookshelf, which inspired me to create my bookstagram account: @sabiblossombooks. You can tag me or @get.lit.erary to show your shelf organisation results on Instagram. I’d love to see what you’ve done to your personal library space. [1]
“Alternate standing your books upright and laying them flat to make it look more interesting,” says Ginny Underwood, owner of Virginia’s Easy Living Solutions, a stylish technique that Wine also recommends, especially if you have books of varying sizes. “Horizontal stacks should be significantly lower or higher than the upright books they’re near. If lower, this is a great opportunity to continue layering by adding a succulent, a golden trinket, a tiny globe, candle or milkglass,” adds K.M. Robinson, an author. Social media strategist who teaches her fans how to stylize their shelves to market or show them off on the ‘gram. Ronald V., Lome (Togo) on June 8, 2020. [2]
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Even though I write this as an hour away from moving halfway across the country my bookshelves are very similar to boxes. Because they are. Prior to The Great Book Boxing Up Of 2019 I tookaken some time to reflect on how I should organize my books. As most book-lovers know, any major transition in life, from moves to marriages, is an opportunity for assessment — to look at your books and your system of organizing those books, and to ask yourself: is this really working What is the best way to find me? Do I regularly get lost in my own shelves, or can I pinpoint the exact location of any title at a moment’s notice? It’s a good party game. Daryn McKinnon is the credit for these latest thoughts. [3]
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So, we’ve got a lot of books. Of course we do—books are great! What’s not great is trying to figure out how to organize them in such a way that you’re not just randomly shoving tomes into whatever bookshelf crevice is available. I’ve looked at a million answers on how to organize bookshelves with a lot of books, but only recently have I foundad found the right solution for me. Here are the results of my quest to find the right way to arrange bookshelves using a lot books. [4]
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