What Is The Difference Between Fascism And Communism? (SOLVED)

As is evident by multiple definitions of fascism, there is considerable variations in what social scientists call fascism 😎 Nevertheless we will attempt to describe what it generally means 👍 Fascism can also be a political or economic system. However, its main focus is the nation-state, which is ruled over by a dictator and a rigid social structure. Fascism is a system that values hyper-masculinity and youth as well as violence and militarism. Anything that is not in harmony with the national state is unfavorable. Fascism is generally against equality for women, other races, and all forms of liberalism. [1]
Communism means a free society in which all people are treated equally. Nobody is the same. Rich or poor In a communist society. Communism is a communist system where the majority of the resources and production are held by the same community. Fascism on the other side refers to state, and places state at the top of all things. Fascism is all-embracing. Fascists believe that there are no human values outside of the state. Fascism believes everything belongs within the State, and that nothing can be outside or against the State. Fascism is a believer in nationalism which includes economic nationalism and corporatism that also include economic planning. It believes militarism, totalitarianism and dictatorship as well as social interventionism. We are grateful to Deante Salmon. [2]
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Stephane Courtois (The Black Book editor) minimized some key facts when comparing the victims of communist regimes (between 75 and 100 millions) to the 25 million people who died under Nazism. From its origins in 1917, Communism is an expansionist global phenomenon. It has been present in certain countries, including North Korea, China and Cuba. National Socialism existed between 1933-45. We don’t know what the costs of Nazism – in terms the death toll – would have been had Hitler won. However, it is clear that millions of Slavs, and other “racially ineligible” people would have been murdered if Hitler had won the war. The third is that communism has a dynamic which could and did contrast with the criminally-oriented practise. The ideology created space within communist society for possible reforms, even socialism with human faces. Under Nazism, such a thing was impossible. Alin Hewitt, Riga (Latvia) last updated this page 8 weeks ago. [3]
In 1516, a form of the aforementioned, was first suggested that communism could be a philosophy. Fictional book Thomas More wrote Utopia, a book about a society in which common ownership was the norm. Modern-day communism’s most prominent origin is thought to have been the German philosopher Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, both of Prussian descent. They published the 1848 Communist Manifesto. Marx saw the industrial revolution in terms of the exploitation working classes through capitalism. They proposed a system that they called “The System” in their book. Property is owned communally through the creation of a classless society, which would eliminate the distinctions between the wealthy and working classes. These men believed the creation of such an unclassified state would solve many of society’s problems due to inequality, and help mankind move towards a new age. Marx and Engels didn’t describe the process of forming such a society, so it was up to other people to decide how they could do this. This was last revised on February 28, 2019, by Dannette Salmon (Dresden, Germany). [4]

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