(Solved) What Is The Effect Of Vulnerability To Disaster?

The “vulnerability” perspective in disasters, which is rapidly emerging as a dominant view in the field, assumes that a real disaster occurs when it strikes an underprivileged population 😎 Vulnerability is formally defined as “the characteristics of a person or group and their situation that influences their capacity to anticipate, cope with, resist, and recover from the impact of a natural hazard 🙈”1 Implicit here is “differential vulnerability”; that is, different populations face different levels of risk and vulnerability. Policies that aim to reduce risk and vulnerability should also consider the different impacts and consequences of natural disasters. While vulnerability can be caused by many different factors, they are all important. [1]
Disaster prevention and relief policies must consider the environmental and population factors that can impact the outcome and severity of disasters. This is the changes of a population’s living environment will influence the population’s “absorbing” ability regarding the damage. The factors affecting the “absorbing” ability are generally classified into two categories. The first is the level of the entire community and covers such things as increased population density, urbanisation, traffic congestion and river dredging. It also includes socioeconomic status and occupation. Due to China’s rapid urbanisation, the majority of China’s population lives in China’s eastern regions. This causes a number of problems including inadequate housing and food security. Public health Resources and infrastructure. The second is the international and national level. This includes factors such as climate change, international relief policy, land development plan and infrastructure. These factors are all possible to use in assessing population vulnerability. [2]
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There are many definitions of vulnerability. In simple terms, vulnerability is the risk of being hurt. The potential for natural hazards to cause harm is called vulnerability to natural hazards. Certain hazards are more dangerous to some people or places than others. Although extreme events are rare, there is a general trend in natural hazards. These trends can be attributed to both the natural and human systems. These trends can be used to identify who, what and how vulnerable people are. These trends help us to reduce vulnerability, and reduce damage when severe events happen. These efforts save lives and do much more. Last modified by Elva Way, Sanliurfa Turkey. [3]
While there is substantial ongoing research assessing the impact of future climate change on the Earth’s physical systems, there are few systematic and comprehensive assessments on the likely impacts that change will have on future human well-being, given that not all people are equally vulnerable. However, it’s difficult to predict how severe climate change might be for future generations. We still need to do more. Policy choices today about what are priority investments that help to reduce the vulnerabilities of people in different parts Climate change is already a fact of life in the modern world. Prashant Grubb amended this on December 25, 2021 [4]
Jerred Velasco refers to elements that are at high risk due to a man-made or natural hazard. These could be individuals, dwellings, households or communities as well as buildings and structures. Public facilities and infrastructure assets can also be included. Exposure information includes the details about each element’s location, characteristics and attributes. These information are used in a natural risk risk analysis that identifies elements at high risk. The data also contains enough information to enable the user to understand the likely behaviourr of each element when exposed to both natural and artificial hazards. Catherine Robinson, Dali (China) on February 22, 2021 edited this article. [5]

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