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Intensive cultivation, on the other hand, implies constant cropping from the same area 🤓 If more and more capital and labour are applied to the same piece of land, the system of cultivation is known as Intensive 👍 Greater application of labour and capital involves the use of artificial irrigation, deeper ploughing, sowing of improved seeds, use of artificial manures and of modern implements and machinery. These cases result in higher yields per acre. A farmer will try to extract the most from his land by cultivating it intensively. It is usually used in countries that have a low land area and a high population. [1]
This is a mistake. There is nothing more absurd than this. All production requires land, regardless of its form. Land is the foundation, the workshop, and the storage place for labor. means by which he can obtain access to the material universe or utilize its powers. Without land, man can’t exist. The virtual owner of land, is the one to whom it is granted. He becomes their absolute ruler when this is the case. And just as this point is neared – that is to say, just as competition increases the demand for land – just in that degree does the power of taking a larger and larger share of the earnings of labor increase. It is this power that gives land its value; this is the power that enables the owner of valuable land to reap where he has not sown – to appropriate to himself wealth which he had has had no share in producing. Rent will always be the one who takes wages. As clearly as the farmer who owns farm land, the city land owner takes the wages of his labor in rents. He may be in a garret at ten stories up, or in an underground mining operation, but it’s the market for land that determines how much labor he gets. Rasheda Hickey, who brought this up for our consideration, is very grateful. [2]
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Diana Muniz Provide more information. We are Nisga’a, people of the Nass River. We have lived here, on British Columbia’s northwest coast, since before recorded time — long enough to see our culture thrive, adapt, and endure. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including dense forests and sleeping volcanoes. It’s a place that we share as much as our blood and flesh. Flowing through this land and our lives is Lisims, or “the Nass River” as it has become known in modern times. For millennia, the Nass Valley has provided food and shelter for our people. We were able to create one of the most innovative and advanced industries in the world thanks to this bounty. cultures in North America. (last revision 26 days back by TansyClement of Antanarivo in Madagascar). [3] Also, land is an important natural resource for both the survival and the prosperity of humans and the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems. People have become more skilled in utilizing land resources to their own ends over the millennia. While these resources’ limits are limited, human demands are infinite. An increase in demand for these resources results in declining crop yields, land quality degradation and increased competition. The role of humans as stewards, not as exploiters, should be the focus of attention. These people are charged with protecting unborn children’s rights and conserving earth as the base of the global eco-system. Treg Callaway is the author of their most recent insights. [4]

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