what is the last level in castle crashers?

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The fight transitions and the Evil Wizard picks up a powerful sword that can deal fire damage, so be sure to try and avoid what you can. He’ll launch across the screen in air somersaults. This usually happens one way then the other. Since he’s still fast, it’s a good idea to move to where he will approximately end up and attack him once he lands, but he can also be hit with magic while he’s having done this. He’ll also do a ground fire attack as well as jump up and hail down four fireballs. Move quickly when either of this happens. When he hails down fireballs, try moving towards him, since this is your best chance to strike. He seems weak to melee attacks and the Double Jump Combo (A+A) usually works best 😁 He will very seldom strike you directly if it at all 😎 Once you beat him he will drop his sword shortly after the stage will collapse and you’ll start falling downwards. You can steer yourself, just make sure you land on the big crystal. Once that happens the game takes over, you catch the princess and the credits play. [1]
Levels are the various environments where you play throughout Castle Crashers. Each chapter lists a certain group of levels which the player must complete in one session, in order to reach the next chapter and allow the game to save progress. For example, if you complete the Forest Entrance and the Thieves’ Forest levels, and then close the game, the next time you open it, you will have to play through the Forest Entrance and the Thieves’ Forest again, and keep playing through the rest of the levels in that chapter until you defeat the Catfish. If at that moment you turn the game off, the next time you open it, you will already have access to the first level of the next chapter, which is Tall Grass Field. (last modified 40 days ago by Durell Longoria from Cucuta, Colombia) [2]
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In the campaign, some levels are “checkpoint levels”, while the majority of them are not. These “checkpoint levels” must be beaten to unlock a skull or character. If they are not beaten, then no character or skull will be unlocked upon beating the Evil Wizard. Checkpoint levels also save your progress. For example, if a player beats Flowery Field but doesn’t make it to Cyclops’ Cave in the same game session, then upon entering a new session, they will have to start from Flowery Field again. This mechanic can be abused to obtain characters and skulls much faster than usual in co-op with another player who has already beaten the campaign. [3]
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Based around an article from, the Evil Wizard is responsible for stealing the magic crystal, kidnapping the four princesses, and the monsters that plague the land. He is also responsible for all the “beefy” enemies roaming the kingdom. His goal is to take complete control of the world and turn into his own personal domain filled with death and despair. To exert his power and influence, he seems to have been scouring the lands for crystals that contain immense power so that he may use their power to not only conquer the world but use their power to shapeshift into various forms. To accomplish his plans, he’s having has set up many of the crystals to power his fortress in order to give it enough power to launch it into space and reflect their power into every corner of the Earth and place it under the Evil Wizard’s control. [4]
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Insane Mode is a game mode for Castle Crashers. Playing Insane Mode will increase the health of enemies as well as the amount of damage they will do. Players will not have any levels unlocked in Insane Mode when they first play; you will start at the Home Castle level just as in Normal Mode. Certain weapons will only appear on Insane Mode; for more information about this, check Stores. Items, such as the Horn, will not carry over from Normal Mode, so obtaining these items is still required for doing a lot of things. Pets and skill points do transfer to Insane Mode. (last emended 82 days ago by Elizbeth Camp from Vancouver, Canada) [5]
You will eventually face the Volcano mini-boss, which you won’t be able to damage at normal size. You will need to eat a Sandwich to grow Beefy again. Don’t worry if you don’t have any more on you; Just defeat one of the surrounding Fire Demons and they will leave you one. Eat a Sandwich and attack the Volcano. Don’t forget that just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Hammer away on the Volcano while avoiding the falling balls of lava. It will probably take you a few Sandwiches to kill the creature. The fight can be used for farming Sandwiches, though it is easier to farm sandwiches at the Sandwich door earlier in the level. Note: The Volcano has the same amount of health in both Normal Mode and Insane Mode. [6]

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