what is the main culture in south america?

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To better understand the culture of South America, it’s important to take some time to research the specifics of every country you wish to visit or ensure you take plenty of expertly guided excursions when you arrive 😉 Even a site as famous and well documented as Machu Picchu can be brought to life by the right guide, especially when you follow the ancient footsteps along the Inca Trail for a few days 🔥 Taking guided tours, whether for just a day or several weeks, will ensure you get so much more from your experience, especially when dealing with a cultural site or festival. [1]
It’s estimated that 385 million people live in South America. The population is extremely diverse, and it would be difficult to generalize about the cultural makeup of the continent. But it is safe to say that of all the different people who live here, a large majority can trace their roots back to Spain, Portugal, Africa, or South America itself. Because of the Spanish and Portuguese influence, mestizos (people of both Amerindian and either Spanish or Portuguese ancestry) are also in the majority. From the late 19th century through 1930, the look of South Americans began to gradually change. Millions of Italians immigrated mainly to Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Significant numbers of Germans, Poles, Syrians, Lebanese, and Japanese began to settle here as well. [2]
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South America culture is the rich total of several of the leading cultures of this world. Along with the indigenous culture that was developed during the Mayan civilization, there are the influences of the European culture that was brought by the colonizers in this continent. Moreover, South America had been almost the central position of the slave trade. As a result of the slave trade that consisted of the African people as the slaves, in South America, African culture also developed through these African people. The cultural diversity resulted in several social features also. The field of religion was also influenced and this lead to the diversity in religion in South America. (a big thanks goes to Ossie Rhoades for their insight). [3]
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There are many festivals throughout Latin America but one of the most vibrant and colourful is Carnival, celebrated a week before Lent, and it is most famous in Brazil (Rio, Salvador or Recife). Semana Santa (Holy week), which ends on Easter Sunday, is best seen in Guatemala, where colourful sawdust carpets and flowers line the streets where the processions take place. There is also a big celebration in Popayan in Colombia. For Inca traditions, Inti Raymi in Cusco, Peru, is a must-see. On the run up to Independence Day in Mexico, the national flags and displays can be seen on the streets. In Masaya, Nicaragua, one can enjoy the Feast of San Jeronimo (as well as the year-round huge Arts and Crafts Market there). Celebrations during this week include fairs, parades, songfests and partying, as well as visits to nearby Granada and Lake Nicaragua. The Day of the Dead is marked by vigils held at cemeteries to entertain returning souls – best seen in Michoacan state in Mexico. Todos los Santos is celebrated with a colourful kite festival in Santiago Sacatepequez in Guatemala, and there are also week-long celebrations in Todos Santos, including a drunken horse race. The colourful children’s parade Paso del Niño Viajero is just before Christmas in Cuenca, Ecuador, and all over Mexico they have posadas which are traditional parties for children. New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a difference on the beaches of Rio, Brazil, where followers of Candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian religion, make offerings of flowers, mirrors, trinkets, and perfumes to the powerful sea goddess Yemanjá. Easter Island celebrates an annual Tapati traditional festival. (edited by Judy B. From Anqing, China on July 26, 2020) [4]
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