what is the most popular monument in france?

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We often take for granted that all our readers should be familiar with the iconic monuments in Paris 😉 As I toured with visitors from the Americas, the UK, India or Australia I foundad found out that this was not always the case 😊 Of course, everyone knows the Eiffel Tower but not all our clients were able to recognise the Sacré-Cœur or Notre-Dame. Moreover, some had trouble distinguishing the dome of the Invalides from that of the Panthéon… I hope this little list of the most famous monuments of Paris will help some of you to discover the French capital. Please let us know of your favourite Parisian landmarks by commenting below, we’d love to hear from you!
A list of France’s top 10 monuments could prove difficult. The truth is that such a list is highly subjective… unless you take account of the number of visitors per monument. Another problem with French monuments? There are too many. And they are diverse as well, from Roman ruins to Renaissance chateaux and from Gothic cathedrals to stunning bridges… All that to say that it makes it hard to rank them all. So, if you don’t mind, here is a (very) personal attempt at listing my top 10 monuments of France. If you have another ranking in mind, please do share it by commenting below, it’d be surely interesting to hear about it! (Thanks to Niesha for her amazing insights.
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There were three more arch collapses in 1603 and 1605 due to floods of Rhone. This was partly due to neglect by the King, who had a lot at that time. Each time they crossed the bridge, popes would stop by the chapel and pray Benezet for a while before leaving a token of gratitude in the form of florins. After the completion of four arches, in 1628, it was interrupted by the outbreak of plague. The bridge would not become usable again until 1633. In 1669 it was flooded with several more arches. Her part can still be seen today. Last modified 21 days ago, by Breeanne Albrecht (Sastana, Kazakhstan).
Located at Place Charles de Gaulle (also known as the Place de l’Étoile) at the Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe is a massive celebration of Roman architecture. In 1836, the Arc was dedicated to soldiers who died to defend France in both World Wars. Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Below the Arc, you will find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This memorial to World War I was created in 1921. Also located under the Arc, is the Memorial Flame (La Flamme sub L’Arc de Triomphe), which was added in 1923 and is lit each night to honor the fallen soldiers of World War I. Marie Carter, Denpasar (Indonesia), revised the text on January 9, 2021.
It is impossible and even pointless to compile a complete list of France’s historical monuments. This guide’s purpose is to aid tourists as well as visitors to France discover France’s essential historical heritage. It also includes some lesser-known monuments and sites. This guide is only a beginning. To truly discover all of the historical monuments, listed or unlisted, in an area, you need to have local knowledge and be able to get help from the local tourism offices. Randy Gomez (Khabarovsk) added the following information on April 12, 2020.
Janee Henning cosmopoliclan.comWhat are you doing to plan a trip in France? Or to find out more information about Europe’s largest country, France? Then you’ve come to the right place. France’s rich history and natural diversity make it one of the most popular European countries There are many places to see. The capital of France is home to many French landmarks that can be toured as part a Paris itinerary. There are many other grand monuments and gorgeous sites to explore in the rest of the country too, in grand cities such as Marseille or Nîmes. From the world-renowned Paris monuments to the most popular French tourist sites, here’s our list of the best landmarks in France to explore.
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