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what is the reason for retention ponds?

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Retention ponds can provide both storm water attenuation and water quality treatment by providing additional storage capacity to retain runoff and release this at a controlled rate πŸ€“ Ponds can be designed to control runoff from all storms by storing surface drainage and releasing it slowly once the risk of flooding has passed 😊 Runoff from each rain event is detained and treated in the pond 😎 While sedimentation is promoted by the retention period and still water, aquatic vegetation and biological absorption mechanisms provide additional treatment. The capacity of retention ponds to reduce urban pollutants and enhance the quality surface runoff is high.
There is one major difference between retention and detention basins: the existence or absence of permanent water pools or ponds. Low flow orifices control the water level. Most cases the orifice forms part of a structural made from metal or concrete called a riser. Detention (or dry) ponds have an orifice that is at the level of the water. Bottom of the basin and does not have a permanent pool of water. It is rare for the water to run out during storms, and so it remains dry. Retention basins or ponds have a riser orifice that is higher. Point and therefore retains a permanent pool of water. Although it looks similar to a regular pool, a retention pond plays an important role controlling stormwater runoff. Carolyn H., Hannover (Germany) on October 29, 2021 modified this document
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Andre Crowley at keckwood.comRetention ponds offer one way to deal with stormwater. They collect stormwater that runs off the watershed. Then they’re letting it out at a slower and predetermined rate using a low-flow pipe to prevent damage to the surroundings. Retention ponds, which are designed to contain water at all times, are similar to detention ponds, which are designed to let water flow out until they’re completely dry. This difference in construction means that retention ponds do not have an orifice at their bottom, but retain ponds have higher flow points, which allows some water to be retained at all times.
Industry experts have stated that southalabama.eduWhen considering stormwater runoff, it is easy to overlook residential areas. Residential subdivisions contain many impermeable surfaces, such as roads, driveways and sidewalks. These impermeable surfaces are often covered by stormwater runoff, which is collected in retention ponds. They provide two main services. The ponds retain water runoff, before it is released into the streams. They release the water At flows and frequencies that are similar to what would be expected under normal conditions. A retaining pond holds flood volumes that are less likely to impact downstream stormwater systems. Retaining ponds also provide pollutant removal by settling and biological uptake. The retaining ponds located at Charleston Pointe, Darby Creek and the Dog River Watershed are used to test turbidity, pH and total hardness. Each pond has an inflow and outflow area that collects water samples. The LaMotte 2020 Turbidimeter measures the turbidity of water samples. LaMotte Company water quality test kit Alabama Water Watch has developed a customized method to test the pH and total hardness. The retention ponds show significant reductions in the turbidity of both the outflow and inflow waters, according to research. Because sediments are the most common pollutant in stormwater, retention ponds make a great partner for residents within the Dog River Watershed. Last updated 2 weeks ago, by Stetson Busch of Heyuan (China)
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