(SOLVED) What Is The Story Behind The Constellation Phoenix?

Robert’s Quartet is a family of four very different galaxies, located at a distance of about 160 million light-years, close to the centre of the southern constellation of the Phoenix. John Herschel discovered it in 1830s. Its members include NGC87, NGC88, NGC89, and NGC92. NGC 87 (upper left) is an irregular galaxy that looks similar to our Milky Way satellites, the Magellanic clouds. NGC88 (centre), a spiral galaxy, has an exterior diffuse envelope made of gas. NGC 89, located in the lower middle of the galaxy is another one with large spiral arms. The largest member of the system, NGC 92 (left), is a spiral Sa galaxy with an unusual appearance 🤓 One of its arms, about 100,000 light-years long, has been distorted by interactions and contains a large quantity of dust 😎 ESO [1]
In the Southern hemisphere, you will find the constellation Phoenix (the phoenix). You can see it from September through November at latitudes between 32 and 32 degrees. However, it’s very visible to anyone above 40 degrees. It occupies an area 469 square degrees and is considered a large constellation. It is the 37th most massive constellation in the nightsky. Fornax, Sculptor and Tucana border the constellation to the north. Grus, Tucana, and Grus are to the west. The corner of Hydrus is to its south and Eridanus touches the southeast. It is one of four constellations known as the “Southern Birds,” along with Grus, Pavo, and Tucana. For their comments, Corday Wooten of Seongnam (South Korea) is grateful. [2]
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The sacred bird Bird Phoenix has been revered in Greek mythology. It was known by many civilizations, including the Egyptian, Persian, Indian, Chinese and Persian. This depiction of the’s bird showing it as an eagle with golden, red, and purple feathers and a long tail. Ovid’s Metamorphoses stated that the bird would live half a century, and at the end of its life, the phoenix would make a nest in the palm tree and then burn it. This legend states that the incense-and cinnamon bark nest would have been built and that the new bird would emerge from it. Once the bird is strong enough to fly, it will transport the nest to Hyperion the Lord of Light. Tito Jaramillo edited this article on November 5, 2021. [3]
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It was believed that the phoenix looked like a large eagle, with scarlet, gold, and purple plumage. Ovid’s Metamorphoses reveals that the Phoenix lived 500 years eating gum of incense, and sap of balsam. After its allocated time, the phoenix was gone. Bird building itself a nest From cinnamon bark and incense on the palm tree’s top branches, it ends its life at the fragrant nest. A baby phoenix was born from its father’s body. It was the nest of both one and two phoenixes. The young phoenix took the nest out of its tree when it was able to support the weight and brought it to Hyperion’s temple, where he was father to the Sun god. As a symbol of the Sun’s rising and setting each day, the death and resurrection of the phoenix have been thought to symbolize their rebirth. [4]
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