What Is The Tetraforce? (RESOLVED)

People who saw Link’s Hylian Shield’s pedestal, on which Hylian Eagles stand, as a fourth triangle and leapt to conclusion that this was the fourth Triforce piece that was separated from others led people to believe in Tetraforce’s existence. Is the bird guarding the fourth Triforce piece or is it separating it from the Triforce “complete”, as shown on the shield? The allegedly missing fourth piece was not found in later Hylian Shield designs (like the one featured in Twilight Princess and the Hero’s Shield from Majora’s Mask).😊
It is believed that Hyrule was the creation of 3 goddesses. They left behind the Triforce at the beginning of time. This makes it almost impossible to deny the existence of a fourth part. The Triforce symbolizes the power of gods. Because everything is under the Gods’ power, such a 4th part would likely be weaker than the Triforce whole or each piece individually. You can’t say they are all Triforce triangles, but I have seen them many times in Zelda games. Its likes saying that the trumpet is a holy Because the first letter appears to be a cross, the Relic is apt. However, it is clear that the Tetraforce, which appears to be fanfiction, does not resemble a toast-eating Virgin Mary. Marinko, 00:31 on 17 May 2007, EST
Image #2 This article provides additional information. Unknown entity created the Tetraforce, a mysterious artifact. This artifact is believed to be opposite the Triforce. It can completely disable sacred triangles. The pieces of the Triforce become dull when they are in contact with the Tetraforce. They will turn either a bronze or golden brown colour. The Tetraforce can cause wishes to be denied, so the Triforce pieces won’t break when touched. Also, any power that the Triforce holders may have will disappear. You can make the three goddesses mortal by using the Tetraforce. The goddesses are stronger than average mortals, but they can still be destroyed with sufficient force. The Tetraforce is therefore a manifestation of chaos and a wish to create disorder in the world. While the Triforce can be seen in the mystical Sacred Realm hidden, the Tetraforce lies deep in physical Hyrule. It is approximately the same size and shape as the Triforce’s single sacred triangular Tetraforce. Therefore, the Tetraforce can be found in the center of the Triforce. The Triforce will be neutralized when this happens. In the upcoming fanon game, Zelda: The Cheese Maker, Link needs a computer, a bottle of Cheez Whiz™, a zombie, Zelda’s tiara, and the tetraforce to make the SupEr sICkY chEESE for him to go into the Cheez World™ and defeat the evil Flying Spaghetti Monster™™. Temisha Yeager modified this article on August 23, 2020
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Tetraforce Theory is the theory that the Tetraforce can be described as the Triforce in Zelda. But it lacks the fourth component. The design of Ocarina of Time’s Hylian Shield was what prompted this theory. The Triforce can be seen at the top. In the middle is a Link’s Crimson Loftwing from Skyward Sword. On the bottom, there was a single triangle that seemed to be protected by the bird. The missing Tetraforce piece is believed to have been found in this triangle. The Triforce was created by the three Golden Goddesses Nayru (Din), Farore (Farore) and one triangle each for each goddess. Some believe there is a fourth goddess which left the missing piece. This belief is that Hylia was the goddess mentioned by Skyward Sword. The Tetraforce has the ultimate power and is unlike the Triforce which only grants one. wish for the person If the Tetraforce is available, anyone can make unlimited requests if they have it. Many people think that Fierce Deviity is the result of an ancient Hero who sought out the Triforce long before Majora’s Mask. He’s actually a Hero who came to the Tetraforce, and then absorbed its power. This made him an inexplicable, uncontrollable deity, which destroyed all things. However, the spirit of the hero wasn’t aware of his horrific deeds. Instead, he lived forever in despair. Nintendo, however, has made it clear that the Tetraforce was not real in the Zelda Universe. However, this does not prevent some people from speculation. Credit goes to Nelle atwood for this.
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Everything you know about the three Golden Godesses – Din, Farore and Nayru – and the Triforce – Power, Wisdom and Courage – just forget it. Because according to this theory, it’s all a big sham. There are actually four Triforce… err, Tetraforce pieces. This is a ridiculous concept. When the series was younger, in the days of Ocarina of Time, a Tetraforce may have had some bearing (not really), but these days it’s just absurd. With those cynical impressions of the’s having theory laid down, let’s take a look at where the reasoning for this insane idea comes from.
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