What Is The Theme Of Rocketboys? [SOLVED]

Over the course of Rocket Boys, Homer must balance his own needs and ambitions with the desires—and demands—of a group 😁 Homer’s own desires and ambitions are plain from the first chapters of Rocket Boys: he wants to study rockets, study engineering in college, and work for NASA 😉 At first, it seems that these desires are directly opposed to the interests of his community, however, as the people of Coalwood regard Homer either as arrogant, girlish, or “too big for his britches” when they find out about his lofty plans. His high school peers tease him and threaten to beat him up, and even the adults of Coalwood—his principal, his father, his neighbors—seem to regard rockets as a danger at worst and a waste of time at best. [1]
Following World War II, the United States—a capitalist, democratic state—and the Soviet Union, or U.S.S.R.—a Communist state—became the two global superpowers. While the U.S. And the U.S.S.R. Never directly fought with one another, they have come close on many occasions—hence the term “Cold War.” One of the most famous of these occasions was the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, during which the U.S.S.R. The United States sent nuclear missiles to Cuba, and they aimed at it. For nearly two weeks, the United States “stood its ground” against the Soviet Union, threatening to fire nuclear weapons on its territories if the Soviet Union persisted in keeping nuclear weapons in Cuba. Both sides eventually agreed to take down some of their weapons. We are grateful to Travion Papas for his insights. [2]
Ramsey Beaver,, the most obvious conflict in Rocket Boys is that between Homer’s dreams and the crushing reality he sees around him. Homer hopes to be a rocket builder, engineer at college and eventually work for NASA. Career This is in sharp contrast to what his father wants for him. He envisions him going to college and working at the mines in his hometown the rest his life. It’s also probable that most, if not all, of the miners in Homer’s community had lofty goals of their own when they were Homer’s age—goals which they’ve given up on, or failed to achieve. Alixandriaprater modified this text on May 24, 2019, [3]
It’s clear almost immediately that Homer’s parents play an important role in his rocketry, though in different ways and for complicated reasons. Elsie encourages Homer Sr. To build rockets. However, she also does this to show Homer Sr. That she is capable of greatness. In contrast, Homer Sr.’s disinterest in his son’s experiments ironically drives Homer more than anything else to continue with rocketry. Homer makes it clear that he wants to earn his father’s respect by succeeding at rocket design. He’s jealous of the attention Homer Sr. Jim is his younger brother and a top high school football star. He wants Homer Sr. [4]
One major theme that runs through the book is, intertwining with various themes and uniting them together, the notion that the story being told represents a rare moment of profound change for a country. Homer draws a clear distinction between the two periods. It is October 1957, when Sputnik went into orbit. Homer’s story is not only about the start of America’s space race, and what it means for America after Sputnik. The book also covers how America lived in the coal mine communities and the changes that occurred to their views on marriage and family. Homer claims that although there are two phases to his life that exist in either direction, the reality is that both before and after can also be applied to America. The technology of space exploration opened up new opportunities for career advancement and escapes from “company towns”, which were not possible before. Last revised by Eoin Masters, Kochi (India) on 69 Days ago [5]

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