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what is the vark assessment?

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This means that information can be shown in charts, maps, graphs or flow charts. It also includes labelled diagrams. This mode could have been called Graphic (G) as that better explains what it covers 🙌 It does NOT include still pictures or photographs of reality, movies, videos or PowerPoint 😁 It does include designs, whitespace, patterns, shapes and the different formats that are used to highlight and convey information 😉 If a whiteboard has been used to draw diagrams with symbolic symbols that show the relation between two things, it will benefit those who prefer a visual preference. This should be more than just words written in boxes. It is important for those with a Read/Write preference.
Yes! Yes! There is a wide range of learning styles and many different VARK profiles. Colleges, universities and high schools insist on their students present evidence of their learning Written form, and also emphasize reading. Writing and reading are essential for business use. VARK gives you strategies that will help you learn and also suggests you make use of your strengths, even those not related to Read/Write. Your school may require that you present your learning in writing (e.g., in assignments, exams, or reports). However, it is important to choose the method(s) that suits your preferences. This was last edited by Chela Schster, Jabalpur (India) on 69/07/2018
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You may have multiple VARK preferences. This means that information can be processed in several modes to ensure a satisfying and complete understanding. This is why you might consider trying new learning strategies that are listed in the Helpsheets under the multiple preferences. We’re have finding that people are more likely to succeed if they use a variety of learning strategies that match their preferences. Strategies that do not align with your interests (e.g. Mind-maps are not recommended if your Kinesthetic skills are strong. If you are low in Read/Write score, Mnemonics might not work for you. PowerPoint presentations could not be Visual if there is only one word on the screen.
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In a medical class, for example, an instructor might show students how to use a monitor to measure blood pressure. While the learning experience may be equally valuable to other learning styles, it is also possible for students to benefit from the use of audiovisual and reading materials. ExamSoft collaborates with educators to discover the many possibilities. Examplify can be used to deploy exams, audiences engagement tests through ExamNow and students are able to upload assignments to the ExamSoft portal for scoring with an ExamSCORE rubric. We are grateful to Kaine Shelley, Gebze (Turkey) for sharing this information.
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