[Resolved] What Is The Wild Rose Used For?

Collect: The flowers are in bloom between June and July. Its season only lasts about two weeks. Make sure you harvest your crop before it is too late. The flowers mature at varying rates on the corymb, meaning you will find flowers that just opened (they will have bright yellow stamens), some flowers that are starting to go by (they will have brown stamens), and some flowers still in the budding stage all at the same time 🙈 I prefer to harvest the entire corymb, along with one leaflet, and look for corymbs that have plenty of new flowers with yellow stamens but it’s ok if some of the flowers have brown stamens or are in bud- it will be impossible to find a corymb full of just new flowers 😊 Harvesting in the morning will yield the most essential oil-rich harvest 🙈 You can collect leaves anytime before the frost. You can also collect hips after the first frosty season. [1]
Okay, so that’s just the flower. (What?! There’s more?!) Once the flower has run its course, we’re left with rosehips, or the fruit of the’s having risen. The rosehips make wonderful small packages and can even be substituted in your favorite fruit for teas. High in vitamin C, especially, but also containing vitamins A, B3, D, and E, rosehips are an effective nutritive — especially helpful during the long cold and flu season. Rosehips also act as an antioxidant and protect against free radicals which can be a problem in urban environments. This was amended by Gerald Flores, Chicago, United States June 28, 2020 [2]
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Rose is associated with mythic beings. She is associated with gods and saints – a symbol of beauty, love, protection, and grace. Wherever she grows – from China, to the Middle East to Europe to the Americas – stories are intimately entwined in human history. She is an old soul after all – she has been here for 35-million years and has seen us through the rise and fall of many civilizations. She has influenced art and poetry since antiquity, as well as religious ceremony, and continues to be a powerful influence. The sweet fragrance and beauty of wild roses blooming in this time is what I enjoy. I gather the soft petals and fill my house with fragrance – restock my medicine chest with rose honey, teas, oils, and elixirs. These flowers ensure that even in the darkest hour, I can turn to rose for healing. Open my heart Refresh my spirit. Shawnese Godinez edited this article on November 23, 20,21 [3]
I’m curious to know what rose petal wine and syrup tastes like. It seems too floral. Are you tempted to try it? So far we’ve only made rose water for the bath But it was a wonderful smell. The’s having wild rose petals were a favourite of our girls, but be aware that the stems can get prickly. It’s great that you can harvest the petals but still get the’s having risen hips too. Because they would naturally fall off to the ground there’s no wasting the roses by harvesting the petals. We do leave quite a lot on each wild rose plant We find these for wild pollinators. (recorded last 61 days earlier by Mysti Anderson from Shouguang in China. [4]
The fruit, which are pink in colourr and bloom in June- July, turn into rose hips. Red berries should be picked when they’re ripe, in August or September. Remember to spit out the seeds before swallowing or you will quickly learn why rose hips are called “itchy bums!” Rose hips can also be fried and eaten. To remove seeds from boiled rose hips, you can mash them and strain it through cheesecloth. This can be used to make syrup, jelly, jam or jelly. Green rose hips can also be picked in early summer. They are then boiled to create Certo (a thickening agent). The juice from green rose hips can be stored in jars or used right away. [5]

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