(SOLVED!) What Is Use Of Nodejs?

For instance, if you’re using Rails, you would convert from JSON to binary models, then expose them back as JSON over the HTTP when the data is consumed by Backbone.js, Angular.js, etc., or even plain jQuery AJAX calls. Node.js allows you to simply provide your JSON objects via a REST API that the client can consume. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about converting between JSON and whatever else when reading or writing from your database (if you’re using MongoDB) 🤓 In sum, you can avoid the need for multiple conversions by using a uniform data serialization format across the client, server, and database 🙌 [1]
The IoT is transforming the world. Become popular Over the past decade. Node.js was the first choice for IoT organizations that wanted to develop public and private IoT systems. Node.js’ core strength is its ability to seamlessly process concurrent requests from thousands of events that are released every second by the billions of devices connected to its network. Node.js’ event-driven server architecture allows for asynchronous processing of IoT network relevant heavy I/O. Node.js is able to operate on both readable and writable channels, and streams. This makes it an ideal platform for IoT app creation. Daisey Salacedo updated this page on June 29, 20,21 [2]
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Neil Tobin railsware.comThere are many web frameworks that use JavaScript as their underlying language. These are Angular and React. Meteor.js and Vue.js are just a few. They all contribute to the development process through increasing safety and efficiency as well as cost effectiveness. Node.js is a platform-independent framework that allows you to create web apps. It is described as a “run-time environment,” which in turn means that it can be used more widely. Node.js can be used for more than just web apps. It also supports REST APIs static file servers and OS wrappers. Drone programming is possible with the help of Node.js. The technology uses a progressive, event-driven paradigm instead of an interminable request-reply messaging exchange. This allows for an event loop that is ready to respond to any event. [3]
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This made me realize that people aren’t familiar enough with technology to know how frequently they use it. I’ve started to dig deep into who and where uses Node.js in their product. While the best-known examples are available on other sites, I wasn’t satisfied by my search so I started to look for as many practical samples as I could. This turned out to have been 27. Not every company is comfortable talking about their tech stack. Hence, you’re facing a list of 16 companies that use Node js. If you’d like to help me and suggest a project, feel free to drop me a line at ross@rst.software. Last modified by Jeffey from Budapest, Hungary 36 days ago [4]
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