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The town of Wallingford, located in New Haven County, is in the south-central region of the state—positioned half-way between New Haven and Hartford 😊 Planters and freemen established the village in 1667, which was incorporated as town in 1670 😊 In 1853, a separate borough was incorporated but the borough and the town later consolidated in 1958. Industry included Britannia-ware and pewter manufacturers in the 19th century. A flourishing silver business was found in this town. Today, Wallingford is known for its diverse commercial and industrial base—ranging from technology companies to heavy manufacturing. Wallingford is also where Raoul Lufbery, a World War I pilot, grew up.
It is charming with New England charm and small-town character. Choate Rosemany Hall is a private school that serves as a preparatory school. There are many cultural and recreational activities, including the Paul Mellon Arts Center. Many theater productions and art exhibits are held at the Arts Center. The Arts Center also houses the Wallingford Symphony Orchestra. You will find a wide range of shops and restaurants in downtown Wallingford. It is also the location for many family-friendly events, such as Celebrate Wallingford. Twilight Tunes Concerts are held during summer. Wallingford houses many historical and architecturally important homes. Great place to live and work. This was brought to our attention by Raffaele Hickey, Hamah (Syria), who provided the credit.
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Wallingford’s industrial and commercial base has been diversified over the last decade, attracting more high-tech industries than traditional heavy manufacturing. Wallingford is home to a wide range of major companies and industries, including those in the areas of medical, healthcare, research, and specialty metals manufacturing. This transition has been greatly helped by the development of the Barnes Industrial Park and Casimir Pulaski Industrial Parks, Wharton Brook Industrial Parks, as well as the South Turnpike Road. The Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, the town’s largest taxpayer, has established a research and development facility in Wallingford’s MedWay Industrial Park. The intersection of Interstate 91 & Route 68 has created an Interchange Zone that permits the development of very limited commercial office parks, research centers, and hotels. Jamia Helms amended the above on September 15, 2021
The industry experts reported the following: familypedia.wikia.orgWallingford was a hub for small Britannia ware and pewter manufacturers in the late 19th century. By mid-century, Robert Wallace acquired the formula for nickel silver and established with Samuel Simpson, R. Wallace & Company the forerunner of Wallace Silversmiths. Also, it was during this period that many of the small silver and Britannia plants were combined to form The International Silver Company, with headquarters in Meriden as well as several Wallingford plants. H.L. The H.L. Judd Manufacturing Company established a nearly 100-year dominance in the lower part of town with its sprawling South Cherry Street metalware plant. Over the years it evolved as a maker of brass ware, drapery hardware and armaments during World War II, until 1989 when it had become a prominent industrial-to-residential conversion called Judd Square Condominiums. Heather Sheehan (Rostova On Don, Russia), last edited 38 days earlier
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