what is woolen spun yarn?

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The difference between worsted-spun and woollen-spun yarns lies in how the fibre is handled before the actual spinning 🙈 The fibres of a worsted-spun yarn are first straightened and then oriented in the same direction, making the yarn smooth and shiny, which gives your knitted fabric lots of stitch definition 👍 Woolen-spun fibres, on the other hand, are not straightened; the individual fibres lie in all directions, creating a yarn with lots of air pockets 🙌 This approach makes for a lofty, lightweight yarn that traps warmth. Woolen-spun yarns have a matte finish with a soft halo and lend themselves well to extra-warm projects that won’t weigh you down—perfect for camping trips! Here, we take a closer look at some of the industry’s top woollen-spun yarns. [1]
Stitch definition. I’ll jump right in with the big one. If you want knife-edge stitch definition, go for a worsted drafted yarn. You can see the stitches in the worsted swatches just show up. The Vs of stockinette are sharp, the bumps of moss are plump and clear and the holes in the lace are wide open. Woolen drafted yarn gives a texture and an overall softness and visual motion to all the stitches, something I like, but occasionally I’m finding some small stitch repeat patterns get lost with woollen yarns. If you are unsure or curious about the outcome of a particular stitch pattern, swatch it. (last revised 8 weeks ago by Lan Granados from Morelia, Mexico) [2]
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I started two projects to work on over the Thanksgiving weekend while we were with friends in Delaware; a hat for my partner Joan (my fourth attempt to knit a hat she likes…) and a cowl for myself. I would like us both to have something nice and warm to wear when we do farmers markets in December. The hat is in Targhee 2 ply and the cowl is knit with Montadale true woollen spun. For the umpteenth time, when a few rows were complete (just enough to get your fingers on), I was surprised by the flood of pleasure fondling the squishy fabric. I love woollen spun knits, they are so satisfying. I “get religion” all over again, and want to turn other people on to these yarns that might not have that siren call when you see them, but “get you” when you work with and wear them. (last edited 94 days ago by Danamarie Salter from Quanzhou, China) [3]
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According to Leanne Fenton at, the Semi Zone describes the vast majority of contemporary spinning. Hardly any yarn fulfills every criterion for woollen or worsted. Instead, we usually combine some characteristics from each category into a yarn that meets our needs (either for the finished product or for our spinning pleasure). We debated where to place three terms on this chart: double drafting, point of contact, and spinning from the fold. For double drafting, we consulted Maggie Casey’s article “Spinning Basics: Double Drafting” from Spin Off Spring 2007 as well as Mabel Ross’s The Encyclopedia of Hand Spinning. Ross also informed us on point of contact (though it’s probably time for an in-depth exploration of that term). (revised by Aynsley Gray on January 17, 2021) [4]
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Remarkably, a recent discovery at shows how when it comes to choosing the most suitable Woolen spun yarn, the selection surely depends on what kind of finish you want to deliver and how you plan to produce the finished product. And to meet your end user’s need, Colossustex, the largest woollen spun yarn suppliers are available 24*7 Online for your assistance. Outfitted with a modern infrastructure and engaged in advancing a wide range of woollen spun yarn, we focus on the quality of the material and value your time. Henceg, established a team of experts and skilled individuals to get supremacy at work. We are the major woollen spun exporters in the market in 37 countries including China and the UK. You can book your orders online with the’s having woollen spun suppliers here. Visit our website to know more about us. (emended by Sophia Sanchez from Ogbomosho, Nigeria on July 15, 2021) [5]

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