What Makes Someone A Child Molestor? (Solved)

Based on data from the 50 U.S. States and six U.S. Territories, 904,011 sex offenders are currently registered in America. Territories (May, 2018), which has increased from 847,725 in Nov, 2017*. These offenders have been convicted and served their sentences. Time and are now living We are all among them. The number of child molesters in jail does not reflect those who have been sentenced. The FBI also estimates that 10-40% of all sex crimes are never reported. This means there are many sex offenders in America, some of which have not been caught or prosecuted.*Source: Sex Offender Registration Map, (2018), National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 😁 [1]
Categorizing those that sexually abuse children as predatory pedophiles is not only a common misconception – it’s also dangerous. It gives us a sense that offenders are easier to identify through grooming behaviourss or a lack therof, and easier to understand – that they have a sexual perversion that can’t be cured. Because it is so difficult to see how someone you respect and admire could abuse a child sexually, this makes it even more challenging for people who don’t believe that the behaviorsthey exhibit would be consistent with paedophilia. One example is that those who sexually abuse children might view pornography as adult, which could lead to the defence that they are innocent since they don’t show signs of sexual attraction towards children. Based on evidence of sexual abuse, it is clear that sexual attraction to children does not make them sexual molesters. Credit to Ngozi Haywood, who told us. [2]
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The specialists at, seeing one or more of these red flag does not necessarily mean that you are in the presence of a sexual abuser, but if your instinct is feeling something is off – be vigilant, speak up if their behaviourr is inappropriate, and minimize this person’s access to children – especially in a 1:1 situation, which is the case for an estimated 80% of all child sexual abuse. In order to make sure potential abusers are aware of child sexual abuse, it is a good idea to raise awareness casually. Some predators can be very patient with their grooming behaviourss which is why it is important to consider the risk of abuse not just with new acquaintances but those we’ve known and grown to trust. This was revised by Keston Earl, April 14, 2020. [3]
We’re talking about people who molest in the context and institution. In these cases, it is common to see single and unattached people. These individuals are extremely interested in children. They are sensitive to the children. These people know children better than parents, and they know how to cater for them. They present themselves as people who will spend any hour of the day to meet the child’s needs. They will help the child if they are in need of something after they leave the Scout Troop, or from the Boys and Girls Club. [4]

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