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what protein can i put in a smoothie?

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Smoothies are a great breakfast when you are on-the-go, however, if you are not using the right balance of ingredients you can end up creating a big sugar bomb, making them a less than ideal choice 😊 Of course, adding fruit and veggies to a smoothie is great, but adding protein to a smoothie is vital as it helps to balance your blood sugar, minimize your cravings and keep you fueled and full for hours to come 😉 Although protein powder is a simple way to add protein to a smoothie, it’s not everyone’s favorite and it is essentially a form of processed food, therefore opting for whole foods is always the best choice 😁 So, in order to help you create a well-balanced smoothie packed with protein, here are 11 ways that you can add protein to a smoothie that don’t involve protein powder at all! [1]
If you’re turning to smoothies as part of your strategy to lose weight If you are looking to take healthy eating up a level, it may be worth paying attention to your menu. Smoothies can be nutritious and packed with healthy ingredients, such as fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. But even some of the most healthful smoothie ingredients can add up to a lot of calories and therefore, interfere with your weight loss goals — or worse, lead to unintentional weight gain. Read on to find out if you’re making some common smoothie mistakes, discover how to build the best smoothie and find nutritionist-approved recipes to get your smoothie-making up to speed. Vittorio read was a great source of information. [2]
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Solomon Blue, who doesn’t love the idea of heading into the kitchen and using one quick machine to get in a variety of nutrients, all while you’re still half asleep and have no idea what you’re even going to wear for work? This is the beauty of the blender, and if you’re looking for a way to get in a variety of nutrients into one meal, a jam-packed smoothie is where it’s at! Although smoothies are a big trend right now, not all are healthy. Many are packed with sugar, containing over an entire day’s worth. Many are also deficient in fibre and protein. Michelle Taylor, Utsunomiya (Japan), July 21, 2020. [3]
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Before you rule this one, consider this: Eating the full egg—not just the whites—can boost your immunity, reduce the risk for heart disease, increase overall energy, improve the appearance of your skin and hair, protect your vision, nix stress and anxiety, and even help you score those washboard abs. A study that compared people eating breakfasts of eggs and bagels found that those who consumed more calories lost on average 65%. What’s more? What’s more? They are also losing 16% less body fat and experiencing a 61% higher reduction in their BMI. Additionally, they have a 34% larger reduction in their waist circumference. These 44 ways to lose 4 inches of body fat are just a few more. Modified by Steven Jackson (Lusaka, Zambia) on March 7, 2021 [4]

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