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What Questions Should You Ask A Car Salesman? [RESOLVED!]

If you are buying a secondhand car for a specific purpose, such as towing a caravan or city center commuting, ask if the model you are considering is suitable 😉 For example, an electric car won’t be suitable for towing, but it could help you avoid congestion charges 😊 If you mostly drive lots of short journeys, a dealer should also steer you away from a diesel engine, which can suffer from a blocked particulate filter if not regularly taken on longer runs 👍 Also ask the car dealer how much the car will cost to tax, so you aren’t hit by any unexpected bills.Applies to: New and used cars. [1]
A car that has been classified as either a Category S, or Category N write off can be legally repaired and placed back on the roads, provided its prior status as a writeoff was declared to the buyer. Any cars not declared before October 1, 2017 will have a Category D, or Category C label. These cars can be quite attractively priced and can therefore be good value if the repairs have been done properly – but it can be hard to tell just how well the work has been carried out, and if it isn’t up to scratch, safety could be compromised. This was amended by Nathalie Cope, February 8, 2021. [2]
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Car salesmen are going to tell you only positive things about a car as that’s their job. Because they know the potential for a car sale to be ruined by even the slightest negative detail, it is best not to mention them. They know that mentioning any negative thing can and most likely will jeopardize a sale. Car buyer you need to ask Answers to questions will allow you to make an informed decision. You will already have the answers to many questions if you just look at the first advert. We have compiled a list with ten questions we believe you need to ask dealers. Vittorio Morin, Akure Nigeria (last modification 1 week ago) [3]
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Georgette McRae These questions can provide additional information. Alain Nana-Sinkam, vice president of strategic initiatives at TrueCar, recommends prospective buyers ask themselves the following questions: “How long am I planning on owning this car? What do I plan to buy? Drive it until the wheels turn square, or do I’m thinking I’m going to want another car three years from now? If I’m going to finance and I’m going to have a monthly payment, what do I want that monthly payment to be? How much should the monthly maximum payment be? What are my plans for using the car? How important is gas mileage to you? Does my commute require a car that’s better on gas?” [4]
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According to experts, drivenation.caTest driving is an important method to decide if the vehicle is suitable for you. The seller of used cars will schedule the test drive. Test drive You usually get it on the same date. Not only will this tell you a lot about the handling of the car, but you’ll also be able to look out for many faults. Steering wheel For example, if the car pulls on one side while driving, it could be called misalignment. You should also be aware of unusual behaviourss. Noises coming from the engineWarning lights and the engine compartment. Check that the car can be parked safely and the trunk is well stocked. Also, make sure that all other items are checked thoroughly. [5]

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