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Despite their Mediterranean origins, olive trees are tougher than you might think but it’s wise to position your tree in the sunniest site possible, and select a well-drained, sheltered site 🤓 Olives planted close to a warm wall where they can bask in the sunshine will be the happiest 😊 The olive tree is slow-growing and is therefore ideal for pot-growing; it will thrive in a large pot in a bright spot on the patio or balcony, or in an unheated conservatory or greenhouse 😎 Winter protection will be necessary in northern and cold regions. Though olive trees are self-fertile they are wind pollinated so should to be outdoors whilst in flower if you’re hoping to grow fruit. [1]
A hole should be twice the size of the pot, and approximately the same depth. Before placing the root ball into the hole, straighten and/or trim the coiled roots. Don’t bury it plant deeper than it was in the pot. You only want a few inches of soil above the root system and you don’t want to disturb the roots too much. You should not slow-release soil. Fertilizer at this time. Please fill out the planting hole in with the native soil and water deeply. Place 4-6 inches of mulch over the root zone. This was brought to our attention by Victoria Dowd of Basilan City in the Philippines. [2]
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The majority of the time, yes. Olive trees They are extremely adaptable, and can withstand intense sun, frost and drought as well as fire. Because they are Mediterranean-native, the conditions may be extreme. There are many factors that can affect the effectiveness of your home. Oldest tree Spain has a 3,500-year-old population, which means they are able to withstand these harsh conditions. However, extreme cold can be dangerous. If winters in your area often drop to -12°C for prolonged periods then you may want to avoid growing Olive Trees. It will also be fine in colder conditions if your Olive Tree is wrapped or covered in winter. Mike Waldron updated this article on October 30, 20,21 [3]
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Promoting flowering and growing Olives and general tree growth should be treated with an early-Spring general high nitrogen fertilizer (preferably slow-release). The fertiliser should be used around the tree’s root. Continue feeding every few weeks throughout the growing season Vitax Q4 (or seaweed extract) are the best options. In late July you should stop feeding as new growth is vulnerable to Winter damage. Like most containers-grown plants, olive trees in pots require more nutrients than ones in open ground. But be careful not to overfeed. Cause excessive green growth. (We thank Vikki for sharing this information with us). [4]
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