What Ship Was Used For The Black Pearl? (SOLVED)

Because the Black Pearl didn’t figure physically into the story of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, it was decided that the Sunset was to be used as the base for the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the infamous ship belonging to the film’s villain Blackbeard ๐Ÿ‘ So with production designer John Myhre and his team, the had Sunset gone under construction, in which the entire top of the boat was sliced off in the creating process of redesigning the ship ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having looked at old pirate films and noticed it wasn’t always easy to distinguish one ship from another in battles, Myhre wanted to make the Queen Anne’s Revenge stand out and look like the most powerful ship on the seas. Pitching the idea that Blackbeard kept a ship that was the most elegant and grandest, Myhre and his team took the base of a two-story ship and turned it into a three-and-a-half-story ship.
Morgan was the first Captain of the Wench, and he died during a battle against Spain’s Royal Navy. Jack Sparrow took command and led the Wench with her crew to several destinations from West Africa, the Caribbean, and back. These voyages were for Cutler Beckett’s East India Trading Company. Beckett ordered Wench’s to set ablaze and be sunk after Jack freed a slave ship. This would forever make her a pirate. Jack entered into a contract with Davy Jones (the ghostly captain) to rescue Wench. Flying Dutchman. Jones raised the Wicked Wench out of the deeps. Jack received thirteen years in command and one hundred years service aboard the Dutchman. Jack changed the name of the Wench to the Black Pearl, based on her new charcoal-colored appearance. The Black Pearl, a pirate ship and threat to the Caribbean was now renowned. She would soon embark on many adventure on the high seas. This page was last modified on 29/07/2018 by Charda Ahmad from Ankang in China.
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2. Itโ€™s the Black Pearl! It’s the Black Pearl! In the film world, it was originally called the Wicked Wench. Jack Sparrow is the captain of this ship. At the time, Sparrow was in the employ of Lord Beckett, with the ship being owned by the East India Trading Co. Sparrow crossed Beckett and as punishment, Beckett had Sparrow branded with a โ€œPโ€ and made him watch as he destroyed the ship. Sparrow tried to save the ship, but instead was dragged down to the oceanโ€™s depths to his supposed death, along with the charred remains of his ship. Davy Jones offered Sparrow 13 years’ captaincy on his ship in exchange for 100 years service aboard the Flying Dutchman. A few years later, there was a rebellion that saw Barbossa’s Black Pearl become his command ship. Barbossa must have commanded the Black Pearl ship that we see in this attraction. This was pointed out by Korrina Oliverva, which we really appreciate.
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