(SOLVED) What Should I Plant An Olive Tree In?

Despite their Mediterranean origins, olive trees are tougher than you might think but it’s wise to position your tree in the sunniest site possible, and select a well-drained, sheltered site 👍 Olives planted close to a warm wall where they can bask in the sunshine will be the happiest 😁 The olive tree is slow-growing and is therefore ideal for pot-growing; it will thrive in a large pot in a bright spot on the patio or balcony, or in an unheated conservatory or greenhouse 🤓 For example in colder or more northern areas, you will need winter protection 😁 Though olive trees are self-fertile they are wind pollinated so should to be outdoors whilst in flower if you’re hoping to grow fruit. [1]
It comes down to the soil requirements olive trees They can tolerate both acidic or alkaline environments. It is vital to have good drainage. Good drainage is actually the most crucial thing to think about when growing olive You can plant trees in pots, or directly in the ground. The best loam-based compost is John Innes 3 and 20% of grit are recommended to aid drainage. This will make the pot last longer than using peat-based, less dense compost. To help the roots establish, you can gently tease them out of any soil before potting up. Although you can still plant the roots, it is best to keep them out of soil. Need to be careful not to damage them as this can prevent flowering And fruiting later. [2]
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Meng Childers For more information, please visit: Yes, it is usually true. It is amazing how adaptable olive trees can be to extremes of sunlight, frost, drought or even fire. The Mediterranean region is where the olive trees are naturally found, so the conditions may be extreme. It is possible to have both extremes of the conditions. Oldest tree Spain’s population is over 3,500 years. They can adapt to these extreme conditions. However, extreme cold can be dangerous. If winters in your area often drop to -12°C for prolonged periods then you may want to avoid growing Olive Trees. It will still be fine if your Olive Tree is covered or wrapped in winter. [3]
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Olive trees generally need Get as much sunshine as possible. The more sunlight your olive trees receive, the healthier and best-tasted they will be. A little shade is possible, but it should be managed with care. Olive trees are extremely strong; however, a chilly wind can be very damaging below a temperature of -5°C and could penetrate the bark. Our customers are advised to invest in wind protection. When deciding the best place to plant your olive tree, it is important that you consider these things. Consider facing them south or west with some protections away from the north East winds. Roselie Tipton, June 3, 2020. [4]
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